What's all this noise about vapor steam cleaning?

Does it really clean as well as people say? Is it sloppy and wet?

Dry vapor steam cleaners deliver the incredible cleaning and sanitizing power of steam, but is safe to use in areas with sensitive electric equipment or "dry clean only" areas. It provides all the cleaning and sanitizing power of wet steam, but with very little water content. In most cases around 5% moisture. This means that it virtually dries on contact, leaving surfaces clean of grease, smooth of grime and bacteria free.

Our vapor steam cleaners kills germs on contact and blast all debris in it's path. It heats tap water in its boiler to 360 degrees F, producing a dry vapor steam with an adjustable pressure up to 145 PSI, an output temperature of 290 degrees F.

When vapor steam touches a cold surface it expands, explosively loosening dirt, grease and grime. Vapor steam's high heat instantly kills bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew and other micro organisms without the over use of harsh chemicals. The adjustable pressure allows the operator to release sufficient vapor steam to thoroughly clean any surface without reduced visibility. Many of our vapor steam cleaner units come with a chemical-injection system for additional cleaning power and many feature built-in vacuums to recover loosened debris and liquids. They also offer specially designed cleaning tools and accessories allow the cleaning of not only flat surfaces, but also of cracks and crevices dry vapor steam cleaner - Goodway where dirt and micro organism contamination would be difficult or even impossible to remove by any other method.

Goodway's vapor steam cleaner has multiple applications and a full range of accessories are available. Goodway has a vapor steam cleaner to serve all of your different cleaning applications, from light to heavy duty. Remember, Goodway Sales Professionals are always ready to help you in selecting the right vapor steam cleaner.

Use Goodway vapor steam cleaners on food production equipment, beverage production lines, pharmaceutical lines, general mechanical cleanup and so much more.

The Origin the Vapor Steam Cleaner

It is said that vapor steam cleaner technology originated from a bartender in Italy who began using the steam from his cappuccino machine to clean lipstick marks from his bar glasses. Vapor steam cleaners have been popular in Europe for more than 30 years. In Europe the standard electric service is 230 volts which yields enough wattage to create steam in an electric boiler. In the United States, the standard service is 115 volts which yields only half the wattage. The amperage needed to produce enough watts at 110 volts has, until recently, the use of a vapor steam cleaner impractical for the US market. The technology now exists to produce electric boilers that can heat water to 330 F using only 115 volts.

Vapor steam cleaners are now available in a wide range of prices and quality of construction. Simple hand held models for residential use can be purchased for as little as $110.00. For industrial use this range is a bit broader and it will depend on whether the units are single phase or three phase models. One should expect to pay between $2000 and $4500. for single phase units depending on quality and features. three phase units offer more industrial cleaning power and range between $10,000 and $20,000. Machines are available that deliver steam only, steam plus the capability of dispensing high temperature cleaning solutions to accelerate cleaning. The newest feature to be introduced is the addition of an integral vacuum for recovery of water and deposits. Vapor steam cleaners that do not incorporate this vacuum feature require the use of rags or wipes to remove loosened soil. Top end models will offer features such as stainless steel housings, all stainless steel boilers and many safety features. They will also offer the most generous warranty coverage.

What to Look for When Selecting a Vapor Steam Cleaner:

High steam temperature - the higher the temperature at the boiler, the higher the discharge temperature. All vapor steam cleaners lose some temperature between the boiler and the nozzle. Hotter steam greatly increases cleaning effectiveness.

  • Stainless steel boiler - stainless steel resists corrosion and limits heat transfer to its environment.
  • Safety devices such as water level sensor, boiler thermostat, pressure switch, safety pressure valve and de-aeration valve.
  • The ability to refill the vapor steam cleaner with water without having to wait for the unit to cool down first. This feature can save up to 20 minutes on every refill.
  • Large water reservoir.
  • Steam volume control - uses only the amount of steam needed to do the job. Less steam enhances the vapor steam cleaner's ability to maintain temperature.
  • Handling features such as wheels large enough to make it easy to roll the vapor steam cleaner over rough surfaces or up and down stairs. A good sturdy handle helps here, too.
  • Accessories - does the manufacturer offer the accessories needed for all applications?
  • Warranty - look for a one year warranty on the machine and a three year warranty on the boiler.

Vapor Steam Cleaner Applications

Vapor steam cleaners have been used primarily for general cleaning and sanitizing of hard surfaces without the use of chemicals. Applications include kitchen and bathroom grout cleaning, restaurants, supermarkets, schools, hotels, apartment buildings and private homes. In addition, property owners and municipalities frequently use vapor steam cleaners for gum removal. Using a vapor steam cleaner is environmentally friendly and extremely effective and it leaves behind an oil and grease free surface. The technology has recently found its way into industrial applications. It is likely that a vapor steam cleaner purchased with the intent of using it for one application will soon be used for general cleaning all around the shop as they are great for cleaning up production machinery and many other applications.

  • Food and Beverage Production
  • Dry Baking Production
  • Meat Production and Packing
  • Pharmaceutical production lines
  • Product Packaging lines


To schedule a demonstration of Goodway's vapor steam cleaning systems or to receive more information about a Goodway vapor steam cleaner please contact us.