Industrial Vacuum Equipment and Accessories


goodway vacuumGoodway offers a wide range of vacuum equipment and accessories both for commercial and industrial maintenance. A Goodway vacuum is constructed of heavy gauge steel, stainless steel and aluminum for reliability and long life. A Goodway vacuum uses a two-stage or by-pass motor. By-pass motors are constructed so that the impeller housing is sealed and isolated from the motor housing. The motor housing has its own cooling fan which draws clean outside air into the motor housing, preventing the possibility of dirt getting into the motor and reducing the life of the vacuum. By-pass motors are more expensive, but they are also more reliable. Goodway also manufactures a line of industrial air powered vacuums.

Goodway has a vacuum to serve all of your different vacuuming applications, including both high flow and or high lift machines. A high flow vacuum, is ideal for vacuuming light, powdery materials such as soot and dust. While a static water lift vacuum will serve you best, if wet pickup is your goal. We can also help you find a vacuum that can serve both your wet and dry pick-up needs.

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