Frequent Questions

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Product Information

Why does Goodway offer three different descaling blends?

The metal on your chiller, heat exchangers, pipes, and other equipment can range considerably. Many include aluminum, brass, copper, steel, and stainless steel. There's no "one size" fits all. Some descaler will corrode certain metals faster, than others. Our blends ensure the alloys get effectively cleaned and remain safe to the base metals.

What is the recommended process for cleaning rollers and belts?

Our recommendation is to always clean the static parts of the conveyor first, including rollers. This can be accomplished using our industrial dry steam generator systems, the same systems that power the brushless belt cleaning systems. After cleaning static areas, then the belt surface can be cleaned with the brushless system. If rollers are getting heavily soiled, consider choosing the fixed brushless system to prevent rollers from getting soiled in the first place.

What is included in the tube cleaner kit?

The tube cleaning kit is a complete kit to get you started. The kit includes a tube cleaning system (choose voltage), two shafts (select the size), 25 brushes (select size), a shaft repair kit, a chiller bib frame, and a chiller bib. 

What happens to the scale when it comes in contact with ScaleBreak® descalers?

The scale is dissolved into a liquid suspension so it can be flushed out of the system.

Can the fixed brushless system clean belts during production?

Yes! The fixed brushless belt cleaning system captures and extracts moisture in addition to soils and allergens.  This leaves a clean, allergen-free, dry belt every time it comes around for a rotation and allows significant production flexibility by continuously cleaning during production.

How is the amount of descaler needed and circulation time determined?

This is determined by the overall volume and severity of scale to be removed from the equipment.  Pump flow rates can also have a corresponding effect. One of our descaler calculators can help you determine this.

Will the fixed portable brushless system remove allergens?

Yes.  The belt enters our cleaning head, where soils and allergens are broken down and dislodged using dry vapor steam technology that runs the width of the belt.  From there, the soils, allergens, AND residual moisture are immediately extracted using a vacuum, leaving the belt completely clean, dry, and allergen-free.  If you are working with allergens or any changeover, we can do a free onsite demo for you where we can get a positive allergen swab on the belt before entering the belt cleaner and a negative swab as it exits to validate the technology on your production line.

What is the impact of scale fouling in equipment?

Scale can cause higher energy consumption, loss of heat transfer, shorter equipment lifespan, unplanned shutdowns.

Can the fixed brushless belt cleaning system be automated to run when we need it?

Yes. Our fixed brushless system can integrate with your systems seamlessly for optimized results and truly hands-free operation. We can accept signals to turn steam and vacuum on/off as the belt moves for automatic on-demand cleaning. Belt mistracking, changeovers, running 24/7, specific product runs of sticky products, whatever your needs, Goodway will meet them.

What is the best way to identify when preventive maintenance needs to be scheduled?

The best way is to chart your equipment performance data on a daily or at least weekly basis so maintenance can be performed before issues occur.

I am an OEM/Belt Manufacturer, or consultant. Can you help design a cleaning system?

Yes, we can. We work with OEM and conveyor belt manufacturers in implementing our Fixed Brushless onto their conveyors during the design phase. We are seeing more customers ask us to work with the OEM to implement Goodway fixed brushless systems during the design phase. This route allows for a more seamless implementation of the fixed brushless for the OEM, the customer, and Goodway. We will work with your team to define and implement the best solutions to exceed your cleaning and sanitation needs.

Our facility has purchased acid for cleanings, why are Goodway descalers better?

All Goodway ScaleBreak® descalers are blended with proprietary formulas that balance the high descaling performance and dissolvability speed, with protection against aggressive corrosion.

Will the JET-4 system clean belts in one pass?

Due to several factors, like speed or width, the number of passes can be determined with an on-site demonstration or consultation. Usually, smaller width belts can be cleaned with one or two passes. For larger width belts with stubborn soils or neglected belts, three to four passes are efficient. 




Where can BIOSPRAY D2 be used?

Use BioSpray D2 on a wide variety of hard nonporous surfaces, including food contact and non-food contact surfaces. Examples include use in commercial business, retail business, offices, fitness centers, food and beverage manufacturing facilities, educational facilities, medical facilities, daycare centers, funeral homes, and more.

Are Goodway’s descalers biodegradable?

Yes, all of our descalers are biodegradable.

Do I need a different JET-4 System for each belt?

No, the portability and customizability of the JET-4 allow you to use the same system from your widest belt down to a 10" belt.

Is BioSpray D2 effective against COVID-19 (aka SARS-CoV-2)

The EPA has identified BioSpray D2 on the list of “Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2”. BioSpray D2 is a sub registered chemical from BEST Sanitizers. You can see the original EPA information by searching EPA# 73232-1 at this link.

Does Goodway offer technical assistance or consulting for chemical cleanings?

Yes, we have detailed procedures and technical training available. Contact us for support.

Will dry steam damage mesh belts?

No, dry steam safely cleans mesh belting without any damage to the belt material.

Can BioSpray D2 be used to sanitize freezers and other “frozen” surfaces?

Yes, unlike water-based sanitizers (which freeze near 32°F and are rendered ineffective at such low temperatures), BioSpray D2 has a freezing point of -30°F. This allows BioSpray D2 to readily flow onto and sanitize surfaces that would immediately freeze water-based sanitizers.

Will dry steam damage belts?

The system will not damage belts and will actually prolong belt life thanks to keeping the belts clean. The belt should be moving and the vacuum on before turning on the steam used to clean the belt.  This ensures the integrity of the delicate food-contact coating. We emphasize this during the onsite demo, our training materials, and especially during post-purchase implementation training for your sanitation crew.

Is BioSpray D2 flammable?

BioSpray D2 includes, among other ingredients, 58% isopropyl alcohol. When used with our BioSpray spraying systems, BioSpray D2 is rendered INFLAMMABLE.

However, when not used with our BioSpray spraying systems, care should be taken not to use the product near open flame or combusion soruce.

Where can SaniZide Pro 1 be used?

Use Sanizide Pro 1 on a wide variety of hard nonporous, non-food contact surfaces. Examples include use in healthcare, and EMS, dental facilities, veterinary, commercial business, retail business, offices, fitness centers, manufacturing facilities, educational facilities, daycare centers, funeral homes, and more.

Will the portable brushless system remove allergens?

Yes.  The belt enters our cleaning head, where soils and allergens are broken down and dislodged using dry vapor steam technology that runs the width of the belt.  From there, the soils, allergens, AND residual moisture are immediately extracted using a vacuum, leaving the belt completely clean, dry, and allergen-free.  If you are working with allergens or any changeover, we can do a free onsite demo for you where we can get a positive allergen swab on the belt before entering the belt cleaner and a negative swab as it exits to validate the technology on your production line.

How long does the CO2 tank last?

Depending on the model, and activity usage, the following can be used for total spray time

  • 5lb cylinder: 22 mins
  • 10lb cylinder: 45 mins
  • 20lb cylinder: 90 mins
Will the portable brushless system clean belts in one pass?

Generally, yes. Heavy soils may require two passes to fully clean and pass swabs.  Our fixed brushless system may be better suited for heavy soils as the system cleans during production, not allowing soils the time to harden and ensure a one-pass clean.

How does a descaler work?

A descaler is a chemical solution that removes built-up mineral deposits, such as calcium and lime, from pipes, appliances, and other surfaces. These deposits, also known as scale, can accumulate over time and cause various problems, such as reduced water flow, reduced heating efficiency, and reduced appliance performance.

Descaler chemicals react with the mineral deposits to loosen and dissolve them. Descaler chemicals generally contain acids and other agents that react with the minerals to form a soluble compound that can be easily rinsed away. In other words, it dissolves the scale, making it easy to flush out of the system.

Our ScaleBreak® descaling solutions come in specifically engineered formulas to match the underlying metals in your system. Contact us to discuss your specific descaling need. 

Doing Business with Goodway

I need to set Goodway up as a vendor. What is Goodway’s Federal Employer’s Identification Number (FEIN)?

Goodway’s FEIN is 13-2558310.

Does Goodway accept credit cards for payment?

Yes, Goodway accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards for payment.

What is Goodway’s remit to address?

Our remit to address is: Goodway Technologies Corp. Dept 106040, P.O. Box 150413, Hartford, CT 06115-0413

Does Goodway collect sales tax?

Goodway Technologies collects sales tax in states in the following states – CA, CT, GA, IL, MA, MN, NV, NJ, NC, OH, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, and WI. Customers in all other states are obligated to pay sales tax under their state’s Direct Pay requirements. Please check with your state and local tax authorities for your tax payment requirements. Non-taxable customers in CA, CT, GA, IL, MA, MN, NV, NJ, NC, OH, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, and WI must submit a tax-exempt certificate to Goodway for our files. Otherwise, we are required to collect sales tax.

Do you offer on-site product demonstrations?

For certain product categories, Goodway does offer complimentary on-site demonstrations of our products. Please submit a quote request through our online commerce system or contact a Goodway sales representative to discuss your specific application. We can help identify the products that will best suit your needs. If a demonstration is available, it can be scheduled at that time. 

How do I recover my user name and password?

Visit our user account center where you will be able to request a new password, create a new account or update your account settings.

Product Warranty Information/Repairs/Returns

How can I return an item I've purchased to Goodway?

Please contact us directly for all returns. Products returned without a proper return authorization number will be rejected. 

Is there a warranty on repairs?

Yes, parts used for a repair carry a 90 day limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

How is the cost of a repair determined?

Goodway charges a modest diagnostic fee for repairs that are estimated but not completed. This fee is waived for completed repairs or when a replacement product is purchased. Repair charges are based of the cost of parts used plus an hourly labor charge. These charges are available on request. If you have further questions, please contact us.

What is the warranty period and information for Goodway products.

Visit our support area for full information on our warranty and to download a copy.

Where can I get my Goodway equipment repaired?

All repairs are performed at our plant in Stamford, CT. Contact Goodway to discuss the repair and to receive a return authorization number. Repairs can then be shipped prepaid to the attention of the Repair Department. Many repairs are simple, however, and we encourage you to contact one of our Customer Service technicians with a description of the problem. Often times we can troubleshoot the problem over the phone and provide you with the parts to perform the repair in the field. Please call us at (800) 333-7467 to speak with a representative regarding any product repairs.

When I send a repair in to Goodway, how long should I expect to be without it?

We know how important your Goodway product is to getting your job done, so we place a strong importance on moving repairs through the system as quickly as possible. We strive to provide you with a repair estimate in one business day from receipt of the product and to complete the repair within one business day from your approval depending, of course, on parts availability.

Order/Shipping Questions

I need a written quote for products. How do I get one?

The easiest and fastest way to get a written quote is to request it through our online commerce system. Simply navigate to the product you are interested, add it to your cart and complete a quote request. You can also call in directly to us. 

How can I place an order with Goodway?

Many products can be ordered online. Just navigate to the product and use our easy checkout system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also offer quote requests for those that require a written quote. You may also call us to speak with a Goodway product expert about your specific needs or to place an order or request a quote. Please note, all product orders are entered at our facility in Stamford, CT, USA.

How soon can I expect delivery of my orders from Goodway?

One of our most important goals at Goodway is same-day shipping. We try to ship every order received before 3:00 PM eastern time on that day. Orders received after 3:00 PM are shipped the next business day. Your selection of carrier and service used will determine how quickly you will receive your order. Naturally, there are occasional stock shortages and we are happy to check availability for you. Just call your Sales Representative at (800) 333-7467.  Please note: For expedited and international shipping (everything except USA ground) we recommend you call us to complete your order.

What carriers does Goodway Ship with?

Goodway ships most orders via UPS and FedEx Ground. We also have access to DHL, major LTL truckers and the major Air Freight carriers. Goodway can ship prepaid with charges added to your invoice, collect using your account number or third party billing with the third party’s account number. If you have a preferred carrier, let us know and we’ll do our best to use them.

Does Goodway offer financing?

For certain products and categories, Goodway can help with financing options. Financing options can allow you access to immediate product delivery while maximizing your payment structures. Visit the sales representative locator page to find your salesperson. They can provide all the information you need.