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Goodway Case Studies


Military facilities operate around the clock, and with such a high demand, comes high operational expectations. These high operational expectations are especially true during winter months, where maintaining an optimal supply of hot water in the heating loop is imperative to the comfort heating of their building. To achieve this goal, two Lochinvar® KBN700 Knight® XL high efficiency boilers feed 30 Variable Air Volume (VAV’s) boxes, 1 large air handler and 2 hot water coil air rotation units.

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According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, energy costs are second only to personnel costs in K-12 school district operating budgets nationwide. To reduce energy consumption district-wide, a Texas School District committed to finding ways to become more efficient with their buildings, both in new construction design and in existing buildings.

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A power plant in the Midwest was experiencing reduced power output due to scale deposits within their chillers. After utilizing (5) 330-gallon totes of ScaleBreak-MP for the first 1,700 ton system cleaning, the result was so successful, they decided to clean the remaining 3 systems immediately.

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Brazed plate heat exchangers perform in many capacities, in this case study they were being utilized to cool flue gas.  Brazed plate heat exchangers transfer energy with high efficiency and minimal thermal loss. When operating in environments where poor water quality occurs, or with high temperatures, scale deposits from minerals within the water source may fall out of suspension and adhere to the heat transfer surface, creating an insulating barrier. This may have a detrimental impact on the heat exchanger’s performance and efficiency. In addition to efficiency loss, continued scale build can act as a breeding ground for particulate fouling which can result in corrosion issues. The facility realized efficiencies had fallen far below expected levels and recognized a cleaning was needed.

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Built over a century ago and known as one of America’s oldest brands, this global confectionery plant maintains one of the world's largest, technologically advanced manufacturing facilities. But it needed better technologies for cleaning, sanitation, and allergen removal. 

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Helpful Tips, Tricks, & News

Conveyor belts are crucial for the food processing industry, enabling safe and efficient movement of products. To maintain high food safety standards, regular cleaning and sanitization of conveyor belts are essential. Goodway® Technologies, the global leader in surface cleaning and sanitation solutions, shares best practices to maximize conveyor belt cleaning and sanitation.  Understanding the various factors below for cleaning and sanitation of conveyor belts can help guide facilities in determining the right solution to help deliver time and cost savings while ensuring safe food processing.

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Goodway Technologies, announced that Evan Reyes has been promoted to Global Director of Sales for its sanitation division. Reyes will be responsible for building and executing the global sales strategy, focusing on sanitation solutions for food and beverage producers, and other strategic vertical markets in his newly expanded role. This announcement comes on the heels of the opening of two regional offices in Dusseldorf, Germany, and Dubai, UAE., which he will have a crucial role in managing.

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Goodway Technologies, a global supplier of industrial maintenance and cleaning solutions, is growing its footprint by opening an office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Having been in the industry for more than 55 years, the company is now bringing its award-winning cleaning and sanitation solutions to food and beverage production markets in the Middle East. 

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Stamford, Conn. – Goodway Technologies is bringing best-in-class maintenance and cleaning solutions to the 2023 AHR Expo, including the revamped line of powerful tube cleaners designed for chillers, boilers, and heat exchangers. Attendees can also be automatically entered into a fantastic sweepstakes to win a $1,000 Cabela’s shopping spree by scanning their ID at the Goodway Technologies booth.

Featured at the booth are best-in-class HVACR maintenance and cleaning solutions that have made Goodway Technologies a staple for industry professionals for over 55 years. Live on-site demos for cleaning coils, tubes and cooling towers will give you a firsthand look at why Goodway solutions help customers increase system efficiencies, reduce time & labor costs, and extend equipment life. You will also have opportunities to speak directly with Goodway HVAC maintenance solutions professionals about what’s new, like the updated RAM-5 tube cleaner and the award-winning TFC-JR Portable Cooling Tower Fill Cleaner.

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Goodway Technologies is excited to introduce the ultimate companion to its rotary duct cleaner with the AQ-V-4A Hi Flow Negative Air Machine.

This powerful air machine offers the latest technology to deliver intense negative pressure in air ducts to capture virtually all debris. The vacuum effect created by the negative air pressure restricts the spread of pollutants like dust, mold, and other contaminants outside the ducts being cleaned.

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Mr. Kane and Ari Santiago take listeners through the history of Goodway Technologies, the people, the support structures, and the company's DNA. They discuss the who, why, and what questions that have led Goodway Technologies to become a  global leader in innovative industrial solutions for HVAC, manufacturing, power generation, government, and food and beverage markets. 

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