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The Goodway resources center offers great information on how using Goodway maintenance products can make your critical systems operate better and more efficiently. It's packed with useful information regarding tips, tricks, how-to's, case studies, customers stories and so much more. And if you have a great story to share about how Goodway products help you get your job done better and your systems operate more efficiently, please share your story with us.

Goodway Case Studies

Brazed plate heat exchangers perform in many capacities, in this case study they were being utilized to cool flue gas.  Brazed plate heat exchangers transfer energy with high efficiency and minimal thermal loss. When operating in environments where poor water quality occurs, or with high temperatures, scale deposits from minerals within the water source may fall out of suspension and adhere to the heat transfer surface, creating an insulating barrier. This may have a detrimental impact on the heat exchanger’s performance and efficiency. In addition to efficiency loss, continued scale build can act as a breeding ground for particulate fouling which can result in corrosion issues. The facility realized efficiencies had fallen far below expected levels and recognized a cleaning was needed.

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Built over a century ago and known as one of America’s oldest brands, this global confectionery plant maintains one of the world's largest, technologically advanced manufacturing facilities. But it needed better technologies for cleaning, sanitation, and allergen removal. 

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Steam condensers by nature include a large volume of tubes. For one cogeneration power plant in New York, that means over 4,000 tubes for the condenser serving the 25-megawatt steam turbine. Keeping those tubes clean is a big job with regular maintenance, but can be near impossible when something goes wrong. Ken heads operations at the cogeneration plant. When the plant experienced a drop in efficiency, he knew it was time to find a different cleaning solution.

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Helpful Tips, Tricks, & News

Mr. Kane and Ari Santiago take listeners through the history of Goodway Technologies, the people, the support structures, and the company's DNA. They discuss the who, why, and what questions that have led Goodway Technologies to become a  global leader in innovative industrial solutions for HVAC, manufacturing, power generation, government, and food and beverage markets. 

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The addition of the sesame seed as the ninth major food allergen in the United States as part of the Food Allergy Safety, Treatment, Education and Research Act signed into law by President Biden has food production and processing facilities revisiting cleaning and sanitation regimens to properly manage and remove allergen risks. All products that use Sesame Seeds or items derived from them will have to be explicitly labeled after January 1, 2023. As this date quickly approaches, Goodway Technologies has outlined various innovative solutions they offer to clean and sanitize your facility to prevent cross-contamination while increasing labor savings and decreasing production downtime.

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Stamford, Conn. – September 20, 2022 – Goodway Technologies, the global leader in modern tube cleaning solutions, does it again! Their new chiller, boiler, and heat exchanger tube cleaners deliver increased maneuverability and an intuitive design in a sleek, modern look. For more than 55 years, Goodway Technologies has manufactured market-leading tube cleaners to help increase system efficiency, reduce labor costs and extend the life of the equipment.

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ScaleBreak Descaler Calculator

These handy calculators help in identifying how much you could be saving by descaling boilers, chillers, heat exchangers and more.