Shelf-Life and Repeat Usage of ScaleBreak®, ScaleBreak®-SS & ScaleBreak®-MP

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ScaleBreak Descaler in Chiller

Goodway Technologies' descaling solutions carefully balance organic and inorganic descalers, wetting and penetrating agents, descaling accelerators/catalysts, anti-foam components, and corrosion inhibitors. All of these constituents come together to offer an effective, biodegradable, and safe descaling solution yet provide protection to the base metals in the equipment being cleaned.


Each ingredient is added at precise amounts to offer high saturation rates of scale and other foulants, and protection of the base alloys and speed in dissolving the deposits.


  • The organic descalers in synergy with inorganic descalers in ScaleBreak class products dissolve the scale deposits into a liquid suspension. The deposits remain suspended until they can be flushed from the equipment being cleaned.
  • The wetting and penetrating agents minimize the surface tension allowing broader liquid surface coverage while penetrating into the complexity of the deposit.
  • Descaling accelerators/catalysts are constituents we discovered in lab testing that complement the organic descaler's ability to dissolve scale faster.
  • Anti-foam is added to help control the natural foaming reaction that typically occurs when the scale deposits are dissolved.
  • Corrosion inhibitors in our solutions apply a mono-molecular film to the alloy surfaces when in use. As the descaling process takes place the inhibitor lays down barriers of added protection to the metal surfaces. The inhibitors work by chemisorption on the internal surface areas of the base alloys.


After use in a piece of equipment descalers are often reused and fed into other pieces of equipment.THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED. As a descaler is circulated throughout a scaled system, not only do the descaling components become neutralized but the other important ingredients also become depleted. Each time the solution is reused, the inhibitors have less properties (ability) to adhere to the system surfaces for corrosion protection.

Additionally contaminants and particulates picked up in the initial cleaning are now part of the solution. This would be analogous to using used motor oil in another engine. After completing a cleaning, your solution may still have scale-dissolving effectiveness. However, we recommend repeat use of the solution does not exceed 3 times, as the other constituents may have become exhausted.

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