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One-Man Boiler Cleaning that Packs a Punch
Boiler cleaning is a dirty business, but you’ve got to stay on top of it. Within weeks deposits start accumulating inside firetubes. And those deposits are tough. They include chemicals, soot, and an ash coating that bakes on like ceramic. Sounds daunting, but it’s not - you just need the right equipment. It has to be easy to operate so your crew will use it often, and it’s got to be effective enough to power through all that soot and ash. Sounds like you need Goodway’s SAM-3 or RAM-4X. They get the job done right the first time, keeping you a step ahead of energy-hogging buildup. It’s a good thing, too. An insignificant-looking 1/8” layer can increase your boiler’s fuel consumption by 8%. High oil prices mean it’s more important than ever to keep boiler tubes clean.

  • Turn off the boiler and let it cool.
  • Open the boiler to access the tubes.
  • ID the buildup in your tubes. Use a good video scope, if possible. Goodway can provide you specs regarding the different types of fuel commonly burned in boilers.
  • Match the brush or attachment to the deposit type.
  • Clean several tubes. Use the SAM-3 or the RAM-4X to loosen deposits. Add an in-line vacuum attachment to remove dirt and debris for instant cleanup.
  • Evaluate results with your scope; change attachments or reclean, if necessary. Clean remainder of the tubes; spot check a few.
  • Brush and vacuum face of boiler and combustion chamber.
  • Clean up and put the equipment back online.

NOTE: Cleaning the water side of fire tubes is just as important. Use Goodway ScaleBreak to quickly melt away lime scale and other contaminants from the water side of fire tubes. Check out the ScaleBreak boiler tube calculator here to see your potential savings.

Cleaning water tube boilers

Scale builds up quickly in boiler tubes, just as it does in chillers. Rotary tube cleaning technology will keep your boiler as clean as your chiller. The RAM-4X and RAM-4X2A eliminate scale in larger I.D. water tube boiler tubes. Or use Goodway’s “smart” chemical descaling system, the GDS-15-PH, which monitors pH during the cleaning cycle, adding fresh chemicals as needed.