We Can do the Job in Half as Much Time

Dave Skuratovich, Production Operations Manager, Sani-Vac Services, Warren, MI

“Since we started using our TFC-100 the customer compliments are extraordinary – nothing but accolades,” says Dave Skuratovich, production operations manager for Sani-Vac Service, headquartered in Warren, Michigan.

According to Dave, the technology for cleaning cooling towers had pretty much stayed the same for many years. But he says the TFC-100 and Goodway’s TowerShine are revolutionary. “Traditional pressure washing techniques cause damage. This non-corrosive foaming agent removes the concern of damaging cooling tower fills.”

“We recently serviced a hospital with eight towers. They weren’t happy with the damage that had occurred over the past few years from their previous service vendor,” says Dave. “Bill Griffin, our Goodway sales rep, gave us literature and a video about the TFC-100 and TowerShine.”

“We showed them the literature and video. It’s a less abusive way to clean; you’re not blasting the fill with water pressure up to 400 PSI,” Dave explains. “So they asked us to clean their towers. They were happy – ecstatic even. “It’s a great tool on the production side, and a great marketing tool on the sales side,” says Dave.

The Sani-Vac crews appreciate the system’s speed. “The most recent tower we serviced was 40-feet long by 20-feet high – a ginormous tower. Instead of spending hours getting the scale deposits out of each location, the foam does much of the work for us. Our speed increases – we can do the job in half as much time.”

“Customers say, ‘There’s no way we could have done as great a job as you did – the towers look better than they have in years. You’ll be back again next year.’ They like that the job is done well, and they’re probably glad that they don’t have to do it,” he laughs.

Last October it was still warm enough in Michigan that Dave’s customers didn’t want to take their towers offline. But when the weather turned cold they were ready. “The window’s short – that’s why we bought another machine, so we could double up on these jobs,” says Dave.

Dave sums it up, “I believe in your product. I don’t have to exaggerate; I don’t have to make anything up.”