The RAM-5DC-50 not only loosened and remove deposits with little labor, it also reduced the usual downtime of our equipment during tube cleaning.

Facility Manager, David Austin

With prolonged use, HVAC equipment that uses an open water source as a heat transfer method tends to build up mud, silt, algae, and mineral scale deposits on the walls of tubes. The presence of buildup in chiller tubes and piping is common and should be cleaned on an annual basis. Not maintaining and cleaning tubes can become detrimental to the optimal performance of any cooling system, costing more to operate and causing long-term damage. As warmer weather approaches, making sure these important systems are clean before they are required to run non-stop is vital.

As a proactive Facility Manager, David Austin- Facility Manager of an NC-based company, knows that proper and prompt tube cleaning will increase the chiller's efficiency by increasing the heat transfer rate via reducing scale and deposits in the tube. After trying several other chiller tube cleaner brands, he settled for our RAM chiller tube cleaner (RAM-5DC-50) due to its superior performance.

“The power delivered by this machine and its portability will continue to awe me. It is safe to say I have not encountered a machine like it before.”

Not only did the performance of the RAM chiller tube cleaner catch his attention, but the sleek design, innovative foot-switch, ergonomic gun system, and different sizes of cleaning brushes allowing a user to match the type of brush with the deposit on the tube to guarantee cleaning performance also impressed him.

The RAM-5DC-50 is specially designed to clean tubes up to 4 times faster than traditional rotary tube cleaners, through a combination of technology that allows a user to insert a shaft automatically through the tube and automated triggered “gun," and “dial-in” the tube rotation to best match their tube dynamics.