The tower water is crystal clear and the chillers are clean.

Edward Andrews, Power Plant Engineer, Indiana University Hospital North

“When we opened the medical center about 5 years ago, we stocked it with Goodway equipment,” says Edward Andrews, power plant engineer at Indiana University Medical Center North in Carmel, Indiana.

Edward says it was an easy decision. “Prior to working here I was at another facility that used Goodway equipment, so I already knew that was what we wanted.” “It’s hard to single out one best piece of equipment. We have multiple types of vacuums from Goodway and a cooling tower vacuum – they are all good – but probably the most important for us would be the tube cleaners for chillers and boilers,” decides Edward.

“Scale is sort of like a blanket,” he explains. “Even minimal scale buildup prevents the efficient transfer of heat. Clean tubes mean our chillers and boilers don’t have to work as hard, and that saves us money.”

Goodway equipment makes his job easier, too. Edward once used a manual method with shovels, brooms and mops to get mud and scale out of tower basins and tanks. “Goodway’s cooling tower vacuum removes contaminants without having to drain the water from your cooling tower. Our cooling towers and chillers are as efficient as when they were new. The tower water is crystal clear and the chillers are clean.”

Edward points to savings in labor costs, since two people can do a job that used to require four or five. “At our facility some of the work would have to be done over the weekend,” he adds, “so you’d have to figure in overtime for those four or five people. That’s quite a savings in labor.”

Edward says that Goodway sales rep Don Vinci anticipates his needs. “He knows that when it’s summer we need certain parts, and when it’s winter we’ll need other parts, so he’s on the phone with me about those.”