‘‘My Guys Appreciate That I Buy Quality Tools.”

Dan Soltys, Facilities Manager, The Guthrie Theater Minneapolis, MN

“Our HVAC maintenance vendor was so expensive,” says Dan Soltys, facilities manager at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dan looked for a solution that would provide the same professional results but save money. “I figured with Goodway equipment I could have my guys do the cleaning instead of bringing someone in.”

Dan’s first purchase was the RAM Tube Cleaner. It gave the results he needed. “My guys appreciate that I buy quality tools. They are not cheap, but I say you get what you pay for.” “We probably use the tower vac most. We’re in downtown Minneapolis. The towers collect a lot of dust and dirt. We probably get out there once a month to clean them in the summer,” Dan says.

With Goodway’s equipment, his team saves money by doing its own HVAC maintenance. “The best thing is that we can do all this stuff in house. I would have to pay someone $65/hour to vacuum my towers.”

Dan has purchased several Goodway products over the years including a CTV Cooling Tower Vacuum, a CoilPro, a RAM tube cleaner, and recently an EV-60-T Tilt Vacuum. “I can’t say enough as to the quality of these tools, about the money and man hours saved, and also about the outstanding customer service from Goodway Technologies.”

Dan’s customer service rep is Ryan Batkay. “I had problems with a piece one time, and Ryan made sure it was fixed right away. He emails me with specials and sends catalogs, but I never feel like he’s just there to sell to me. He’s one of my favorite salesmen. Absolutely.”

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