"Goodway’s service and attention to the customer is above and beyond."

Mario DiCostanzo, Stamford President, AdvantaClean

When there is soot, dirt, mold or flooding, you’ll see AdvantaClean Westchester, Rockland, and Stamford step up. They’ve been tackling the remnants of disasters, providing cleanup and remediation for thousands of companies and homeowners in New York State and Connecticut since 1994.

Some jobs call for special gear. Being in the cleaning services industry, it was inevitable that a project arose that demanded a special workhorse of a pressure washer. In this case, it was a projected month-long parking facility cleaning project, AdvantaClean Westchester, Rockland, and Stamford President Mario DiCostanzo explains.

He had never performed this type of cleaning service on a non-residential structure. There were also unique requirements: the parking facility was covered in hard to reach dirt and soot. Scaffolding and chemicals were out of the question.

So, Mario needed a powerful pressure washer that could deliver exceptional power to reach facades and all the walls, without causing major property damage. The machine had to both fire a stream from a distance, and at odd angles.

After an online search and review of several different pressure washers, Mario called on Goodway Technologies, a manufacturer of industrial maintenance solutions worldwide. Previously, Mario had discussions with the company, and even used its coil cleaning systems.

Goodway came recommended. “AdvantaClean corporate always refers us to Goodway for certain products,” says Mario. “I've spoken to some other [AdvantaClean] franchise owners who have used Goodway products — they say great things about them.”

Mario worked with two Goodway salesmen: their in-depth technical knowledge, confidence in the Goodway line, and commitment to post-sales service wowed Mario. “Everything was very professional,” he says. “They were reassuring about their products, very confident. And when I feel good with somebody and I get good vibes, I like to use them.”

The unit Mario selected was the GPW-4000-G Gasoline Powered Pressure Washer. It’s ideal for use in remote locations, and is more powerful than similar solutions in its category. The Goodway reps had the GPW-4000-G ready ahead of time and Mario’s team got it up and running immediately.

So far, it’s been running from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day and has been used by every worker in the AdvantaClean team. The machine can scale up in power (and down to 2,400 PSI, as needed) to remove the dirt and soot in the parking facility.  “The product's a beast,” says Mario, in praise. “It's huge, it's got 4,000 PSI. You know, I've power washed my house. We've had a small 2,400 PSI machine, and it was a decent machine. But this one definitely trumps the one I've used in the past.”

Mario’s team used it initially on the main portion of the facility, and then on the sides. Despite its power, the washer has a spray wand that is relatively light and easy to manipulate. Ongoing work requires flexible use of the washer, so the team had to master the various ways to direct the flow where it would do the most good. Since scaffolding wasn’t an option, Mario's team cleaned the sides of the facility by maneuvering the GPW-4000-G as close to the sides as possible and spraying with a back and forth motion. To move the machine, workers tilted it on its wheels, and pushed it forward using its high handlebar, as if the washer were a shopping cart. “So, you know, that's definitely always a big plus when you can move something quite easily,” says Mario.

And the service is there to back up the machine. When they needed help with the machine, a rep, good to his word, shot right down to the site to address the issue, says Mario. “Boom, gone, left. Goodway’s service and attention to the customer is above and beyond. I would definitely use Goodway again, and definitely refer them to other people who are looking for the products it carries.”