“Using Goodway condenser tube cleaning guns has proved to be reliable for our plants. In the long run, we can cut down around six to ten hours during power shutdown maintenance and get the job done in time!” 

Dave S. Lead Boilermaker Supervisor

Cleaning condensers tubes on a routine basis ensure that power plants run at top efficiency. 

The process involves using the right equipment to ensure that the tube sheet or tube coating is not damaged. Since plants typically clean condenser tubes during power plant shutdowns that only last around fifteen to eighteen days, they must clean safely and effectively. There is a limited window of time to carry out the maintenance jobs, and the plant requires reliable cleaning equipment to get the job done swiftly.

So, when a manager for six Illinois-based plants was facing the problem of working with unreliable equipment, it was time to search for some reliable machines. 

Initially, the client rented tube cleaning equipment, which was ineffective at getting the job done. They often ran into some undependable equipment that broke down frequently. However, one of the six plants managed by the client started using Goodway products that showed promising results. Impressed by the outcome, the client invested in Goodway condenser tube cleaning guns to use in all his plants.

Just after a short consultation with a Goodway expert, a reliable solution was found. The BSL-50 Big Shot Condenser Tube Cleaning Gun and BFP-3510 Tube Cleaning System combination allowed the plants to complete their maintenance procedures using dedicated equipment. Dirty tubes did not stand a chance with a winning combination that would withstand the rugged plant environment.

The team at Goodway made sure to provide an exhaustive service. At the initial stage, the plant encountered a problem with the hoses. This issue was brought directly to the Goodway engineering team. As it turned out, the plant’s water supply was exerting too much pressure, and the supply side of the pump was causing cavitation, which was damaging the hoses. Once the Goodway engineering team identified the problem, the company purchased a pressure regulator and continued using Goodway products without any issues.

The client was also quite impressed with Goodway’s customer service and feedback implementation. As our teams reach out to clients to inquire about the effectiveness of our products. The feedback is always welcome and used to inform improvements in our existing and new solutions.

According to the client, using products from Goodway is the only way to go! That’s because we provide reliable resources that cater to preventive maintenance issues. Now, powered by our dependable equipment, they can save time and get optimal results during the power shutdown maintenance periods.