"It worked well. It turned a three-day job into a one-day job. We pumped descaler for 4 to 5 hours and the work was finished."

Joshua, HVAC Work Leader

Few things are as valuable to a facility manager as time. There's never enough of it and when faced with a major repair or maintenance on a critical piece of equipment, it seems always to take longer to complete than was planned.

When Joshua, HVAC Work Leader and Goodway customer, was faced with getting an old chiller that had been turned off for more than seven years up and running, he figured his crew would be tied up for days getting it working. "It was scaled so badly the chiller wouldn't even run and could not be put into service until we got it cleaned up.” Josh had used Goodway descaling solutions before, but on a smaller scale. The task before them would likely take many hours of pumping descaler through the condenser barrel just to turn the chiller on.

Josh was familiar with Goodway descaling solutions, but knew his existing GDS-C40 was likely to small for the job. He contacted Goodway and learned about a fast, new solution for descaling large equipment, the GDS-100 pumping system. Just as their Goodway sales rep promised, the new GDS-100 didn't let them down.

"It worked well. It turned a three-day job into a one-day job. We pumped descaler for 4 to 5 hours and the work was finished." The GDS-100 cut the descaling time by over 60%, saving two days of work for the technicians. “We used the time saved for the techs to do other maintenance work orders and that put us ahead of schedule for the week.”

So how did the GDS-100 save so much time?

"The larger tank capacity,” Joshua told Goodway. “It helps to descale large pieces of HVAC equipment and it makes the process so much more efficient. It saved me a couple of days by not having to haul in more chemical in smaller containers."

The GDS-C40 descaler Joshua and his team had been using is smaller and its 10-gallon tank is good for lighter jobs and when the descaling equipment needs to be moved around a lot to different HVAC equipment.

"But we needed a machine to descale our larger equipment and the GDS-100 is better for these big chillers." For heavily scaled large equipment like high-capacity chillers or heat exchangers, the GDS-100 is the better option.

Using a good descaling system is only half the battle. Maintenance techs need to have the best descaling chemical for the job at hand. Goodway’s popular product, ScaleBreak® Liquid Descaler, dissolves mineral deposits fast and is easy and safe to use. This high-performance biodegradable industrial descaler quickly dissolves calcium, lime, rust, and other types of deposits, in water-cooled or heated equipment, like chiller tubes, boiler tubes, heat exchangers and more. It is safe for use on steel, iron, brass, copper, plastic, and rubber. When used as directed, ScaleBreak® Liquid Descaler will help to improve operating efficiency and extend the life of your equipment. ScaleBreak® is available in quantities ranging from 30 to 350 gallons.

In addition to Goodway’s descaling systems, Joshua’s HVAC staff uses Goodway’s tube cleaners to service their chillers and boilers. Goodway’s tube cleaner line ranges from small handheld air-powered cleaners like the AWT-100 up to larger systems like the variable speed RAM-5 Chiller Tube Cleaner so that every piece of equipment can get the proper cleaning.

They use Goodway products because, as Joshua recounts, "Every time we need something, we can get a quote and everything is quick and painless. A lot of companies aren't like that anymore."

Goodway Technologies prides itself in our customer service and we’re proud of the relationships we developed with customers like Joshua and his team. From initial consultations to follow-up after the sale, we are there to help every step of the way.