"They treated me like a million dollar customer."

Ken McDevitt, Owner, Eco-Green Maintenance, New York, NY

“Going out to visit Goodway helped me get into this business,” says Ken McDevitt, owner of Eco-Green Maintenance in New York. “I was in AC, but saw a need for coil cleaning.”

“They treated me like a million-dollar customer, and I hadn’t bought a single thing yet. It’s the best experience going out there. Their service – that’s 50% of it for me.”

Ken and his brother operate in the New York City area. Their clients include banks, high-profile office buildings in the financial district, and flagship retail stores. “It’s impressive when I go to a customer’s place and tell them the CoilPro is ‘self-contained.’ Customers love that – self-contained. It means I’m not going to run a hose through your place. I’m going to wheel this in, and then you’re not going to see me ‘til I’m done.”

“I own all your stuff,” Ken continues. “I basically have one of everything you’ve got – it’s great. And the cleaners are green friendly, not that acid-based stuff.”

Ken is a hands-on owner. “I don’t sit behind a desk – I do the work. With Goodway equipment we don’t need four or five men. If I had to run a hose I’d have to have someone sit and watch it. Even with a new hose, you have just one small leak and you’re streaming a couple buckets of water into their place.”

“Mark Rothenhausen and Matt Mindlin still treat me like I’m their biggest customer – which I’m not. Rolando Gonzales – he fixes the machines – he’s great. For me it’s the customer service. I don’t even care about prices when I go in there. The service I get is worth any price.

“I back Goodway 100%. I’m set with this stuff. Come back in 10 years, I’ll be using the same stuff.”