"The CC-400 has cut labor by 50% and left my customers downright impressed."

Service Project Manager

The Goldilocks principle is a common issue we hear about from our customers regarding coil cleaning. When searching for a solution for cleaning thick coils, many options out there seem to fall into one of two categories; too much water with not enough pressure or too much pressure with not enough water. So when the Service Project Manager of a long-standing mechanical contracting company to the Greater Delaware Valley saw the exceptional job the CoilPro CC-400HF Coil Cleaner did on a job site, he knew he had to have one.

Being a full-service mechanical and solutions provider involved with every aspect of system maintenance from hospitals, federal buildings, colleges to hotels, casinos, and even battleships, the company takes pride in getting the job done right. To accomplish this, they seek out - and use - only the best tools that can deliver the best results in the most efficient way.

Cleaning HVAC coils is a challenge. Evaporator and condenser coils, RTU's and air-cooled chillers are a pain to clean. Many are multi-pass coils or thick coils up to 6" in-depth, and most include close-quarter cleaning making coil cleaning a time-consuming and strenuous job with a large over-spray problem, where liquid spews outside of coils could damage surrounding areas.

So what was in high demand? A solution that could allow for directed coil cleaning and utilize just the right amount of water and pressure.

The first solution this mechanical contracting company used was a garden house with spray head attachments. It was great for water volume but fell short when having enough PSI to get things cleaned. In the search for more pressure, they turned to a 120v plugin pressure washer that was picked up from a local supply retailer. This method flipped the script leaving coils damaged with too much PSI and was horrible for water volume. That is when the CC-400 became the "just right" solution they were looking for—combining the best of both worlds with 400 PSI of cleaning power with a 3 GPM+ flow rate that cuts through dirt even on the thickest of coils. Labor was cut by 50%, and the efficiency of the newly cleaned coil has doubled - leaving customers downright impressed.

Let Goodway help you keep your cost down and efficiency up with the CoilPro CC-400HF Coil Cleaner. Contact us today to help you keep your customer talking about you.