“Our faith in Goodway products keep us coming back for all our cleaning and sanitation equipment needs all over the plant”

Virginia Based Cookie Bakery

When it comes to conveyor belt cleaning and sanitizing in dry bakery environments, finding a solution can be challenging. Most existing cleaning approaches are tedious and extraordinarily labor-intensive yet are critical to food safety, production, and profit. Many also use water to cleaner, which can quickly lead to yeast, mold, and other microorganisms contaminating the conveyor systems.

Manual dry cleaning methods can be time-consuming and are rarely practical in the long run. Each bakery and production environment has unique challenges. So identifying specialized procedures for cleaning and sanitizing is vital for increased production volumes and safety.

That’s why when a Virginia based cookie bakery installed new overhead conveying systems; they knew they needed a better solution than what they were doing. The cleaning of these belts was very time consuming, taking hours to complete, and required many people up on scissor lifts to clean the line.

“When we found Goodway’s belt cleaning system and contacted them, Evan got back to us right away and was in for a walkthrough within a week,” commented the Plant Sanitation Manager

While some companies may sell over the phone or online, we know that every problem does not demand the same solution. A walkthrough of each bakery is our key to understanding the needs of each customer.

“After our initial walkthrough, Evan determined the GVC-18000 dry steam cleaner and the Brushless Belt Cleaning System would help us automate our cleaning process. The portable belt cleaning system has significantly reduced the amount of labor spent on belt cleaning. The equipment is safe, easy to set up and use, and we are very happy with it overall. Service and response times from Goodway has always been prompt and effective! ” – Plant Sanitation Manager.

As with this Virginia based cookie plant, in many instances, dry steam cleaning automation is the ideal conveyor cleaning option for dry bakery environments. Dry vapor steam has only a 5% moisture content. The Goodway systems are designed to introduce no moisture into the environment.

“Our faith in Goodway products keep us coming back for all our cleaning and sanitation equipment needs all over the plant” – Plant Sanitation Manager