The Goodway industrial vacuum no longer required us to drain the basin and the CTV-f2 micron filter helped clear the water, further removing contaminants and dangerous bacteria.

Joey Griffith, Cyrco’s Director of Field Operations

When it comes to cleaning cooling towers, one of the most daunting aspects is draining the cold-water basin. It takes a tremendous amount of time to drain and refill the basin, or often basins, plus the potentially high costs of replacement water and loss of manufacturing due to the shut-down of the cooling tower.

Cyrco, inc., a reputable, full-service cooling tower provider in North Carolina faced the same issue. They found out repetitive tower draining leads to wasteful water usage and adds to the time and cost of tower maintenance for many of their customers.

With an emphasis on increasing maintenance efficiency and offering a more convenient service to their customers, they searched for a viable alternative to draining the water from each tower’s basin. The challenge was to procure a cleaning solution that could negate the time invested in draining and refilling while providing the same level of cleaning excellence.

That is where they came across Goodway Technologies. More profound research into our products highlighted the CTV-1502 and CTV-F2’s ability to remove scale, sludge, and bacteria, like Legionella, that may have developed. Once purchased, they quickly began to promote a no-drain, cooling tower cleaning service that is also offered with their preventative maintenance plans. Increasing the amount of preventative maintenance calls they could complete, leading to increased profit for them.

“Goodway’s cooling tower vacuums removes heavy debris and fouling build-up without having to drain the water from the cooling tower’s basin. Coupled with Goodway’s CTV-F2 micron filtration system that removes dangerous contaminants, the water becomes crystal clear, further reducing excess strain to the tower’s chillers and heat exchangers,” says Joey Griffith, Cyrco’s Director of Field Operations.

Cooling towers play an essential part in ensuring a healthy work environment, therefore a cleaning service designed to eradicate potential bacteria or impurity buildup was bound to attract consumers. By discovering Goodway’s professional cooling tower cleaning products, Cyrco, inc. was able to successfully establish a thorough cleaning service to complement their repairs and preventative maintenance calls.

This client not only benefited from providing a more robust and affordable service but managed to discover new revenue streams that would positively impact their bottom line.


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Cooling Tower Cleaner In use