"Goodway’s machine makes the job go a lot quicker"

Benny Markowski, Supervisor, Norman Keil Nurseries

“We take care of twelve boilers here,” says Benny Markowski, maintenance supervisor at Norman Keil Nurseries on Long Island, New York. “Cleaning them is a constant job in the winter – you’ve got to stay with it. Goodway’s machine makes the job go a lot quicker,” he says.

Benny has been with the nursery for three decades and has been using Goodway equipment for the past two years. They used to manually clean the boilers with rods and brushes. “Not only are we now able to do a better cleaning,” Benny says, “but we also clean the big boiler in two days where it used to take at least three.”

Benny remembers when it was a two-man job. “Sometimes we’d have to have someone holding a vacuum over the entrance and over the exit of the tube. Actually” he admits, “it was always a two-man job – it was tiring. One man would do it for a while, and then he’d need a break, and they’d switch off. Now it’s a one-man job.”

“Not only that,” he notes, “people are willing to do the job now. Before part of the way through cleaning the boiler, the person would start looking for another job to do, you know what I mean?”

Benny and his crew use Goodway’s SAM-3 Firetube Boiler Cleaner. “I don’t have any problems with the equipment – it’s working just fine for us. You’ve got a good product there.”