“Nothing comes close to the quality of this product. The parts are stronger, the capacity bigger, the ease of use is excellent. We’ll definitely buy again.”

Martin Namazi, Energy Technologies

When Goodway customers speak, we listen. So when HVAC contractors needed a coil cleaning system powerful enough to remove caked-on dust and grease, but still portable to move around a job site, we responded with the CoilPro® CC-201T.

The CC-201T is designed to make coil cleaning as simple and as fast as possible, especially for technicians needing to clean multiple, smaller air conditioning units in one day. The cleaner is wheel-mounted with an integral eight-gallon storage tank and twenty-five foot water hose without the weight and bulkiness of similar machines on the market.

Martin Namazi from Energy Technologies in Kirkland, Washington told us about his experience using the CC-201T on mini-split air conditioning service calls. “Before the CC-201T we were using run-of-the-mill portable sprayers from the local supply houses. The problem was that these machines don’t hold enough cleaning water and we were constantly refilling the tanks. This slowed us down a lot. We spent too much time at a faucet waiting for the cheaper sprayer tanks to fill instead of cleaning coils.”

Martin’s experience with generic coil sprayers is not surprising. Many of these sprayers only hold three or four gallons of water. Martin’s technicians were spending up to forty minutes per day just refilling the small tanks to complete one day of mini-split service. That forty-minute wait time was cut in more than half when they started using the CC-201T. The CC-201T’s larger tank lets technicians clean twice as many units before needing to refill. For a large apartment building, that time savings means the difference between finishing the job in one day versus having to pay for a second day of work.

To help contractors like Martin be more productive with their maintenance schedules, we built the CC-201T with efficiency of use in mind. A thirty-six inch lance can be connected to the machine’s long hose so cleaners can comfortably reach evaporator coils mounted high on walls. Technicians can load the machine with water and cleaner, roll it to their work area, and set it in a central location to reach multiple units from one point.

“The CC-201T has a longer hose than most other products on the market. We love that the unit has an extended lance because the extra reach we get makes cleaning mini-splits so much faster. In multi-family settings we’re actually getting up to seven units serviced in a day with very little cleanup. It’s fantastic.”

Sometimes doing things faster doesn’t always mean better, so we asked Martin how the dirty air conditioning units performed after cleaning with the CC-201T.

“There were incredible improvements in airflow after the cleaning. We usually get called by building management when an air conditioning unit is so loaded with dust there is almost no air circulating through it. Once we clean the coil and the fan, the unit can finally move air and cool the house down. Customers are happy and we’re happy.” The CC-201T produces 200 psi of pressure to cut through the grime. The run-of-the-mill portable sprayers can’t come close to that kind of power, so technicians spend a lot of extra time trying to clean dirty coils with weak sprayers.

Martin and all of Goodway’s customers get the benefit of the most knowledgeable and responsive sales reps in the industry. Purchasing the CC-201T from Goodway was only the beginning of our relationship with Energy Technologies. Goodway stayed in touch to see how the unit performed in the field and we were pleased when Martin agreed to tell us about his experience using the CC201-T.

“Nothing comes close to the quality of this product. The parts are stronger, the capacity bigger, the ease of use is excellent. We’ll definitely buy again.”

Martin is only one of many customers Goodway has helped become more efficient with their time and money. How can we help your business? If there is an HVAC maintenance or cleaning issue giving you trouble, contact us so we can help you become a success story for your company.