"We were looking for a better piece of equipment."

Jim Wright, Vice President, Beacon Industrial Services, Trenton, NJ

“At Beacon we clean a lot of evaporator coolers – mostly industrial,” says Jim Wright, vice president of Beacon Industrial Services in Trenton, New Jersey. “We were looking for a better piece of equipment to replace what we were using.”

In May 2010 a hospital called with an emergency job. Their generator kept overheating; the facility needed its thin fan coil serviced immediately. Jim already had his eye on Goodway’s CoilPro® and knew it was the equipment he needed. “We called Goodway, but there wasn’t a unit ready to go. Some of their staff stayed over the weekend to get one ready for us. We picked it up on Monday and got the job done on Tuesday. That’s the kind of company they are.”

The CoilPro actually replaced a number of pieces of equipment for Jim’s staff. “It’s self-contained. In the past we had to haul in a hose, we had to bring in chemicals – which was just more to carry – and we would bring in a pressure washer. Some of the units we service are not easy to access. With all-in-one equipment on wheels we need fewer people to go out on jobs.”

The Beacon team uses Goodway’s CoilShine® with their CoilPro. “We used to use another spray-on chemical.” Jim laughs, “You’d spray it on, but it didn’t cling to the coils.

“CoilShine works really great. It’s a foam. We spray it on and let it sit for 3-5 minutes and then rinse. The foaming actually allows the chemical some ‘dwell time’ – it clings so it allows a long cleaning action.”

Goodway’s equipment is not the least expensive, but Jim believes the quality is worth it. “We take our equipment out to customer sites, and there’s a WOW factor. It’s really because of the results.

“Our customers depend on us to give good service and value. When we save on labor costs, we can pass those savings on to our customers. Then they turn around and tell others about us. It’s a triple-win situation.”