Not Leaving the Chips Where They May Fall

Facility Maintenance

When a metal fabricator in New Jersey became one of few companies to own an exclusive, high speed aluminum saw for special components, he knew it was about time to upgrade to a more special cleaning method for metal chip maintenance. In a room consisting of two unique aluminum saws, operators sawed away to develop the components. Once knee-deep in metal chips, it was their cue to stop, shovel and repeat. In search of a better way, he turned to Goodway salesman for their expert opinion. 

After a few product demonstrations, it became clear that shaven metal chips from specialty components like these would be easier to collect with Goodway’s VAC-2-55-DD Industrial Vacuum. In the past, they had to stop what they were doing to shovel up loads of debris, chips and then place them into cardboard boxes for disposal. Special features included with the VAC-2-55-DD have quickly put his older chip maintenance methods to shame.

Important Fact

If you are using coolant in your metal cutting operations, consider a vacuum model that offers coolant filtering. This can save a lot of time, and money.

The versatility and flexibility of Goodway’s industrial vacuum has made it easier for them to pick up metal shavings in record time. Its 55 gallon mounted drums collect dirt and debris right in the machine, so there’s no need for countless hours of shoveling and boxing. Now chip maintenance is as simple as sucking up particles and swapping out drums, when needed, so the workflow doesn’t have to stop until the job is done.