Sweetening labor savings by 87% through better cleaning technology

Food & Beverage Processing

rolled fruit cleaning

What would you do if cleaning your production line was taking over 24 hours to complete? You’d look for a better solution, that’s what. And that’s just what the makers of a leading manufacturer of rolled-up fruit snacks did.

The cleaning challenge?

The challenge was clear. Sticky residue from the product, combined with the paper backing used, was causing a cleaning and sanitation nightmare. Product and paper were getting caught in critical systems, and cleaning took over 24 hours to complete using wipes and picks. These cleaning methods were drastically reducing production time and increasing costs to production and labor – challenging in the best of times.

The cleaning solution?

The solution was to contact Goodway® Technologies and get a complimentary on-site consultation to identify the appropriate sanitation solution. The goal was simple. Remove product and backing residues and leave a clean, sanitary surface behind – and do it much quicker than existing methods.

Goodway® visited the site and demonstrated the power of dry saturated steam and nylon food-grade brushes combined with vacuum extraction. Dry steam is superheated steam that offers the benefits of regular steam, with just a fraction of the water content.

The cleaning and labor saving results?

The combination of sanitation solutions from Goodway eliminated sticky products and paper residues and reduced cleaning time to 3 hours, an 87% reduction in cleaning time.

Download the case study here.

Immediate Results From Dry Steam Cleaning Technology

This customer reduced cleaning by 87%, saving on labor costs and increasing production times.