Goodway Super Tube Scrubbers to the Rescue

Power Generation

A major 3,900 megawatt coal burning power plant had been longing to raise efficiency in their condensers to overall improve facility operations. Their tubes had become heavily scaled, fouled and were losing so much efficiency that the plant was losing money. For years, one of their units was exclusively cleaned with chemicals and its poor condition was a perfect a sign that it was time for them to take on a new and more effective approach. 

This led the plant to work with Goodway Technologies to identify the best solution for their needs, and it included adding mechanical cleaning to their maintenance program. Through consultation and an on-site review, Goodway Super Scrubbers were identified as the proper projectile for their needs. A test firing confirmed the results, leaving tubes cleaned of debris and deposits. Goodway Super Scrubbers are some of the most advanced tube cleaning projectiles available on the market. Each projectile includes patented force adjustment, preset by the factory, to match both the type of deposit and the tube material for tubes 5/8” to 1-1/4” O.D. with BWG ranges of 16 to 25. These tube cleaning projectiles propel through tubes to blast efficiency-robbing deposits and stubborn scale for effective and higher performing facility operations.

After trying the projectiles on their unit for the very first time, they were very impressed with the results. Shooting Goodway SSM projectiles allowed them to quickly blast away difficult deposits faster and with greater efficiency. Now that the plant has discovered the cleaning power of mechanical scrubbers, they are implementing them into their maintenance program and jointly using mechanical and chemical tube cleaning.