Goodway Sanitation Solutions vs. Growing Pain

Food & Beverage Processing

One of the largest bakery companies in the United States has mastered the art of kneading dough and turning it to freshly baked bread, but they are still searching for effective methods to keep old yeast from turning to mold inside of their belt conveyor. Warm, damp environments where yeast and water reside are perfect breeding grounds for mold to grow and can cause problematic sanitation issues. Determined to preserve their reputation as a top-notch bakery in the country, they turned to Goodway Technologies - a trusted leader in bakery sanitation solutions.

When the plant runs into mold issues, there are two places they usually look – either the product conveyor belt surfaces or the air circulation system. For belt based challenges, Goodway recommended the Portable Jet System and the GVC-18000 Heavy-Duty Vapor Steam Cleaner. This super powerful duo is the top seller for belt sanitation products from Goodway. Continuous steam power from the GVC-18000 feeds into the Jet System as it sits on top of the running belt and blasts out dry steam that obliterates mold, grease, dirt and other contaminants on contact. This industrial strength dry steam is less than 5% water content, thoroughly cleans and sanitizes production belts fast and is safe to use on highly sensitive packaging conveyor systems. Once a visual inspection has deemed the belt clean, the company would conduct a swab test on their conveyors after to check its effectiveness.

So how were the results after using Dry Steam equipment from Goodway? They were blown away. The swab test results showed no traces of mold and the Portable Jet System did an excellent job cleaning the belts. Now when they suspect mold growth and confirm via a swab, they know exactly what to do - whip out the belt cleaner system and let it rip.