Breakthrough cleaning system boosts efficiency and cuts labor costs for Florida bakery

Food & Beverage Processing


A big producer of baked bread and buns was looking for ways to reduce labor costs, reduce production downtime, and increase production throughput on their two spiral cooler conveyor belts at their bakery located in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Challenge: Their current process of using compressed air and manually wiping the belt down with rags was incredibly time consuming and was physically demanding for the sanitation team. They needed to maintain high cleaning standards for their two spiral cooler conveyor belts, but were struggling to do so in a timely manner. They needed to allocate 12 hours of labor time using 4 sanitation members once a week and were only able to clean small sections of each belt at a time. It was physically and financially detrimental to their operational efficiency.

“We have 2 spiral cooling conveyors. In the past, it took 4 sanitation members 12 hours every week to remove and clean sections of the belt by hand and put it all back together by hand.”
Jorge Aguilar
Operations Manager FLM, Facility Services,
Bakery in Jacksonville, Florida

The Solution: The experts from Goodway were able to come on-site and walk them through the innovative PureBeltTM Modular dry vapor steam belt cleaning system. They were able to see how the PureBelt Modular could deliver increased throughput for their spiral cooler conveyor belts and decrease labor costs and production downtime while maintaining their high cleaning standards.

The Result: A decrease in labor time of over 90%!

Download the case study here.

Only a fraction of the manpower used previously

Reducing labor time previously needed by over 90%