Baking Industry Leader Reduces Spiral Cooler Conveyor Belt Cleaning Time by 99%

Food & Beverage Processing


A large-scale producer of baked bread was looking for ways to reduce labor costs and reduce production downtime on their spiral cooling conveyor belts at their facility in Southern Maine.

The Challenge: Maintaining the high cleaning standards for their spiral cooler conveyor belts was a slow, costly cleaning process. The need to allocate 48 hours of labor time a week and only being able to clean small sections of each belt at a time was physically and financially debilitating to their operational efficiency.

“We have 3 bread spiral cooling conveyors, so you are talking about thousands of feet of conveyor and framework that we must clean. In the past, we had to remove sections of the belt to boil them, clean the framework by hand, and put it all back together by hand – this took all day with 4 guys to do just one section of the cooler. If you break the cooler into sections, it’s about 10 sections on each cooler, so a total of 30 sections. It previously took 2 months to get all sections cleaned at 48-man hours a week, which equals about 384 working man hours to complete.”

John Lamontagne
Aramark / Operations Manager FLM / Facility Services
Bakery Facility in Lewiston, Maine

The Solution: Scheduling a free onsite consultation and demonstration with a Goodway® Account Manager from their Sanitation Division, to identify the best solution. He visited the bakery and demonstrated the PureBeltTM Modular System conveyor belt cleaner and the GVC-18000 dry steam cleaner.

The Results: The implementation of the PureBelt Modular System on their spiral cooling conveyor belts not only cleaned and sanitized to meet the high standards but also reduced the man hours allocated for cleaning by more than 99%, helping eliminate the costly labor time and man power previously needed.

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Hear from the Customer

“When we use the Goodway PureBelt Modular System, we can clean the conveyors on all 3 spiral coolers in only 1 day and only using about 4-man hours from set up to take down. That is saving a lot of working man hours and labor costs to do the same job. But you also save a lot of hours on the framework by using the steam cleaner. Before we were doing it by hand, and it never came out 100% clean. With the Goodway GVC-18000 dry-steam cleaner, you can clean the framework, so it looks brand new and 100% clean, saving hundreds of man hours.”