Effective Industrial Mold Control: A Three Step Process

Facility Maintenance

Clean, control and inhibit mold growth in three easy steps. Mold comes in thousands of varieties and many of these can be dangerous to the health of humans, pets and to property. Killing and cleaning mold can be a simple thing, however making sure it doesn't come back is more work and part of an overall maintenance process. Follow these three steps to achieve the best results in industrial mold removal and control.

Step 1: Identify the source of food for mold Identify the source of growth (damp and food) and remedy the situation. Fix leaky pipes, excess humidity, flood damage, etc.

Step 2: Clean and kill mold and mildew Clean the area with an EPA certified mold cleaner that is a fungicide and mildewstat to kill the mold, mildew and spores

Step 3: Treat mold spores to inhibit future growth with a treatment product, but also manage for proper humidity management.