Dirty Tubes Have Met Their Match

Power Generation

A leading coal-fired power plant had been longing for a simpler way to complete tube cleaning maintenance tasks. With thousands of tubes to clean, it can easily become a daunting task if you aren’t using the right tools or methods. In the past, the plant put their faith in old-style guns that were far from user-friendly and caused lots of user fatigue, leading to unsafe operation. They used to believe sticking to traditional methods was their safest bet, but after years of using this ineffective method, they were getting fed up with being disappointed in the results and expending countless hours on labor.

Desperate for a better method of getting the job done, they consulted with Goodway Technologies. After consideration of the variety of systems Goodway offers, they ended up with the BSL-50 Big Shot. This powerful tube cleaning gun is lightweight and features an air assisted trigger that requires 90 percent less effort for firing projectiles - eliminating common complaints of user fatigue from the cleaning crew and creating a safer cleaning environment. Big Shot guns are also easier to disassemble, so they are field serviceable for quick upgrades and repairs. 

Before the Big Shot, high volume tube cleaning tasks for the plant were time consuming, energy draining and a total nightmare. Now that they have made the switch to Goodway’s impressive surface condenser cleaner, tube cleaning is easier, comfortable and more effective than ever before.