Convenient Chemical Circulating Systems Do Exist

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A major 1,900 megawatt plant in Florida had been working around-the-clock to create their own chemical circulating system. After all, building your own solutions is the best way to go, right? Well, after several attempts, they realized the system they created was very challenging to use and required constant attention when operating. Both, safety concerns and cost of operation were high. Soon after going online with their home-made solution they realized they needed a professional solution that they could rely on to handle plant descaling tasks more independently.

After careful review and a consultation with Goodway Technologies, they put the GDS-15-PH industrial Descaler System from Goodway to the test. This machine is engineered to automatically monitor and maintain the PH level of descaling, and its unique features enable the operator to easily remove energy-robbing scale buildup and safely circulate chemicals through heat exchangers or into a bath-type vessel. It also requires much less attention and energy to operate than their homemade system. The Goodway GDS-15-PH system has provided the plant with the luxury of leaving the entire system in place as they focus on other tasks. Minimal effort is required for the machine to tackle calcium scale buildup in their heat exchangers and restore heating and cooling systems to their optimal operational condition. This was exactly what they needed.

No more using unreliable, ineffective chemical circulating systems. The plant is now relying on innovative solutions from Goodway that are specially designed to satisfy even the most unique plant cleaning needs. So instead of spending countless hours developing their own machines, they can get cleaning tasks done faster with high-performance equipment they can trust.