Clearing Up Water Quality Woes

Maritime & Offshore

When an electric utility company in Florida was dealing with inconsistency and particulates in their water, such as mussels, clams and organisms naturally found in ocean environments, they turned to Goodway Technologies for advice. We recommended they put Goodway Macro Tube filters in to better trap and contain larger particulates, prior to it entering the plant’s water stream. Inconsistent water quality causes problems with condensers and has caused them a great deal of time and effort to have to routinely shut down the system to clean more frequently; it was becoming a pain in the neck and a much larger expense than what they had in mind.

The dirtier their equipment became the more challenging it was for them to clean. As ocean water is fed into the plant’s water stream, large outside contaminants are also sucked in that can obstruct tubes and cause blockage. After installing Goodway Macro Tube filters on their next tube cleaning, they quickly noticed an improvement. These filters offer durable construction with openings that keep out larger tube clogging debris and have shorter profiles – so there’s less debris and buildup to clean on the tube sheet. They also feature special TubeGuard™ technology that protects tubes with macro filtration to improve plant operations and equipment efficiency.

Since using Macro Tube filters, they’ve been able to operate with a longer run time and completely eliminate the need to go into the water box during an unscheduled shut down to clean off tube sheets. Thanks to Macro Tube filters, larger aquatic water species are no longer stopping the flow of operations and water quality is consistent. Now that their pesky water issue has been resolved, the company can go back to getting the most out of their equipment, once more.

Dissolve Zebra Mussels

Did you know that Zebra mussels are made almost entirely of calcium? ScaleBreak is an effective tool to dissolving zebra mussel infestations and removing them from tubes, filters and more.