CNC machining shop owner takes cleaning to the next level.

Facility Maintenance

Face the facts, inexpensive, off-the shelf vacuums simply weren’t designed to handle large, high capacity metal chip maintenance tasks. Just ask a Brooklyn machine shop owner and his cleaning crew of 30, who had to learn the hard way. They were using generic vacuums to collect metal shavings, leftover from CNC machining jobs. Collecting thousands of metal shavings in an industrial environment with the average vacuum was producing unsatisfying results, yet it still required them to perform a strenuous routine they were growing tired of.  

The salesmen at Goodway recommended the DV-CM Chip & Coolant Recovery Industrial Vacuum, for simpler and more tolerable metal chip maintenance. It was exactly what the job required – greater capacity and equipment designed specifically for rugged, industrial environments. Before, metal chip maintenance required frequent vacuuming and emptying, due to limited vacuum capacity. With the DV-CM vacuum, a chip collection basket for metal chip recycling and a 66 gallon liquid collection tank simplify chip maintenance for them like never before.

Trading in inefficient equipment for Goodway’s innovative maintenance solutions specifically created for large chip and coolant recovery tasks, really made a difference in the shop’s maintenance operations, overall. Greater capacity in cleaning equipment means less frustrating moments of vacuuming and emptying, the work is less demanding so there is more downtime and professional results are faster and easier to achieve.