Bi-Directional Brushes or Bungled Tube Cleaning?

Power Generation

A 1,800-megawatt nuclear plant in the South had been routinely shooting their heat exchanger tubes as part of their ongoing maintenance program, yet they couldn’t help but notice that their tubes were still reducing in efficiency. Even after multiple shots, stubborn, energy-robbing deposits continued to be present in the tubes, causing reduced system efficiency and energy costs to rise. Their bungled tube cleaning maintenance was producing mediocre results and it was beginning to taking a serious financial toll on their operations. They needed a more effective solution and fast. 

Superior plant operating systems require thoroughly cleaned tubes and heat exchange surfaces, which can be only achieved through regular maintenance and high performance equipment. In consultation with Goodway Technologies, they identified and ordered the company’s BSL-50 Big Shot Surface Condenser Cleaning Gun. After identifying issues with the projectiles they were using to barely clean their tubes, Goodway then recommended pairing their new equipment with Bi-directional Stainless Steel Brushes. This advanced brush technology delivered all the results they demanded in one shot.

Bi-directional brushes are affordable, durable and effectively provide twice the cleaning power through a unique combination of aggressive brushing and wiping actions. Plus, they are far more effective on medium and heavy deposits than common plastic scrubbers made for handling lighter deposits. After switching to Bi-directional brushes, post shot inspections revealed almost 100% of the deposits were effectively cleaned, dramatically restoring efficiency to the heat exchanger. This allowed the plant to get more shots on their brushes, save on more effective brushes and increase the overall operating efficiency of their entire operation.