Aerospace manufacturer cuts cleaning time by two-thirds

Facility Maintenance

Aerospace Manufacturing

Hear from the Head of Maintenance at
Hagsbro Precision

After moving our company into a new facility, we discovered that all the 20 split systems had been neglected for a very long time. The amount of contamination and dirt we encountered in the in- and outdoor units was substantial and our expectations for the Goodway Coilpro CC-400HF Hi Flo Coil Cleaner were met from the very first application on. With Goodway’s coil cleaner, we cleaned HVAC outdoor condenser unit coils and cleaned the removable indoor unit parts like blower wheels, trays, screens etc.

Amazing Results: I can honestly say that without the 400CF unit, we wouldn’t have been able to combat the amount of dirt that was attached to each blower wheel of our units in particular. The same goes for the condenser coils, the cc-400 lets us dial in the perfect level of pressures on a small, easy to handle unit - which runs very quietly compared to a gas-powered normal power washer.

High Quality Products: We love the quality of the product. When a unit can be used without having to be concerned with quality of construction, it instills the feeling that the money was spent in the right place. This coil washer is rugged, durable, and easy to handle. It’s quick to employ, easy to operate and adjust. I would say a bulletproof design.

Exceptional Customer Service: As head of maintenance for our company, the decision is always made in customer service. The deciding factor to invest in the Goodway product was their superb communication with us.

I feel that Goodway is customer focused and concerned with the application and the results for their customers. I can highly recommend Goodway’s Innovative Maintenance Solutions to anybody in need of a partner to improve their business process.

The CC-400 is a game changer: A regular power washer would have been too cumbersome and too destructive for the more delicate application of the HVAC cleaning process; let alone impossible to handle in our day to day operation.

The Goodway – CC -400HF saves us an unbelievable amount of time and money and makes us feel very secure that we can tackle these projects.This gives us a level of operational confidence that is only possible with the right tools like this.

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Hear from Oliver, Head of Maintenance:

“We wouldn’t be able to actually clean our units to the level we can do it with the 400HF so safely, we are experiencing 66% time savings hands down”