Dry Steam Cleaning Buying Guide

A low moisture steam cleaner could be your best investment for cleaning and sanitizing your water-sensitive packaging equipment, processing surfaces and other industrial areas where water is prohibited or cleaning chemical reduction is preferred. Clean equipment runs better and ensures the safety of your employees and customers. When it comes to selecting a dry steam cleaner, it’s critical to right-size your purchase for the task at hand to get the best results.

When considering or purchasing a specialty dry steam cleaner, run through this series of questions to help determine your exact need.

Do you really need a dry steam cleaner?

If you’re deep cleaning or sanitizing a facility or equipment where water needs to be minimized or avoided, or where chemical cleaning is not preferred, you’re a candidate for a dry steam cleaner. These types of facilities include industrial bakeries, food processing plants, breweries, wineries, pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, commercial kitchens, and machine shops, to name a few.

Will you use the steam cleaner in a commercial or industrial environment?

Commercial environments are facilities such as schools, hospitals and small commercial kitchens that you’ll find in restaurants or universities. The soils and particles found in these environments are usually easier to clean than those found in industrial situations. In addition, you may not have ready access to the higher power requirements needed for industrial-grade steam cleaners.

For a commercial environment, Goodway’s GVC-1502 Commercial Dry Steam Cleaner is the go-to solution. It has a small 13” x 21” footprint for convenient storage. Weighing just 57 lbs., it can be easily rolled to just about any location within the facility. But don’t let its size fool you. Using standard tap water, this unit produces a dry steam with an adjustable pressure of 0 – 90 PSI. The output temperature is 220 degrees F.

The low moisture steam from the GVC-1502 explosively loosens dirt, grease, and grime. The dry steam's high heat kills bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew and other microorganisms on contact.

For smaller facilities where sanitation is the prime driver for using vapor-steam, you won’t find a better unit on the market than the GVC-1502. Plus, it comes with a full range of accessories to maximize your cleaning power.

The GVC-1502 can also be used to steam-clean HVAC coils where pressurized water and cleaner might just not do the job. This may include coils in fast-food or commercial kitchens which have become covered in grease and cooking oils.

But what if you’re in an industrial environment, such as large food processor, an automatic bakery, a pharmaceutical lab or industrial factory, you’ll want something with higher performance and features. You’ll need to consider the industrial-grade dry steam cleaners. However, bigger is not always better.

Did You Know

Low-moisture dry steam cleaners use superheated water to create a powerful cleaning agent that obliterates grease and grime, and kills bacteria, pathogens, mold and mildew on contact. It can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications.

What equipment and soils will you be cleaning?

If you’re cleaning a facility that bakes bread or a plant that uses relatively dry ingredients and additives, Goodway’s GVC-18000 Heavy-Duty Dry Steam Cleaner with Twin Boilers should do the trick. It’s our most popular unit for industrial applications and operates on any three-phase voltage, which often is already available in industrial facilities.

GVC-18000 dry vapor steam cleaner

The GVC-18000 is portable with an easy-to-maneuver base to reach the farthest corners of the plant. With this unit, you have access to a continuous steam with an output pressure of 0 – 145 PSI at 220 degrees F. The GVC-18000 includes Goodway’s standard package of accessories to clean hard-to-reach surfaces and to scrub off stubborn particles. Working with our customers in real-world situations, Goodway developed these cleaning tips, brushes and other tools to address your most common requirements. If we don’t have the exact attachment that you need, we can custom design it for your unique situation.

Did You Know?

If you need to clean a smooth-surface conveyor belt, you can connect the GVC-18000 or GVC-36000 unit to Goodway’s Brushless Industrial Dry Steam Belt Cleaning System as part of your standard cleaning regime.

GVC-72KW Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner

But some cleaning applications require more output. For example, a facility may work with wetter or oilier ingredients such as those used in muffins and donuts. If you work with meats that are packaged as ready-to-eat, you already know the risk of contamination from pathogens. For these types of environments, you’ll want to consider the GVC-36000 Heavy-Duty Industrial Steam Cleaner with Quad Boilers. It too is portable so that you can easily move and use it for a variety of cleaning processes.

The GVC-36000 is even powerful enough to inject steam into hard-to-reach machinery to effectively sanitize the inside of the unit. This dry steam cleaner can even support tenting/steaming procedures, which are some of the most effective sanitation processes in use today. In a tenting/steaming procedure, you wrap your unit in plastic and inject dry steam into the equipment, where the steam is held in place by the tent. The dry steam penetrates the deepest crevices of the unit to sanitize even the most difficult to reach places. Goodway will demonstrate and walk you through the procedure so that you can now add this state-of-the-art sanitation process to your cleaning protocol.

The GVC-36000 is one of the strongest, most versatile dry steam cleaners available and includes Goodway’s standard, full range of accessories to maximize your cleaning.

If your facility uses large meat slicers, you know that you can’t take shortcuts. You’ll require more vapor-steam volume to reach all surfaces to destroy pathogens and other spoilage bacteria.

For these situations, you may need the GVC-72000 Super Heavy-Duty Dry Steam Cleaner. This portable unit can fully function in either a single hose or a dual hose configuration. This means that you can have two people cleaning at the same time to cut your cleaning time in half.

This unit is super heavy duty. It outputs 265 lbs. of steam per hour. However, the GVC-72000’s advanced technology allows you to adjust your settings to clean a wide variety of machinery and plant equipment, including the most sensitive packagers and fillers. Connect it to Goodway’s Industrial Dry Steam Belt Cleaning System for the fastest belt cleaning available. Of course, the GVC-72000 is only needed for super heavy-duty applications. But when you require heavy-duty cleaning, it is the fastest, most effective unit available.

dry vapor conveyor belt cleaner

If your facility uses mesh style conveyor belts, you know that it presents its own unique challenges to sanitize. Your cleaning regime will be driven by the type of ingredients in your products and the type of material of your conveyor belt. Your specific situation may require increased steam volume. In this case, you’ll probably want the GVC-36000. Attach the unit to Goodway’s jet technology Industrial Dry Steam Belt Cleaning System. This system uses a series of jets to clean deep into cracks and crevices where bacteria, mold and more likes to hide. If you’re working with sticky ingredients, such as caramel or chocolate that get encased in a porous or mesh conveyor belt, the GVC-36000 provides the additional power to remove the debris. The unit’s increased dry steam output of 118 lbs. per hour speeds up the cleaning time for the belt, which frees up the unit faster so that your crew can use it for other cleaning applications.

Regardless of your dry steam cleaning needs, Goodway has you covered. We’ll visit your facility to make sure that you are getting the right solution for your plant. We will even customize your accessories to meet your specific requirements.

Review our systems online or call Goodway directly to discover the dry steam cleaning and sanitizing solution that’s right for you.