Preventative Maintenance

Since most cooling towers are located outside of a facility, it can be easy to take an out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach to clean them. Chillers use more than five times the energy of cooling towers, which is why some contractors invest more time into keeping them clean instead. However, chillers can only operate as efficiently as a well-maintained cooling tower will allow. This means if you want to improve a cooling tower’s performance, efficiently cleaning all parts of the tower, like the basin and tower fill, is a must.

Legionella in Cooling Tower Water Systems

Lack of proper cooling tower maintenance could reduce a cooling system’s overall efficiency, start taking a toll on operations, or worse - an overgrowth of infectious bacteria, like Legionella, could form inside the system and cause an outbreak in the community. ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2015 Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems established criteria for safer management of potable and non-potable commercial HVAC systems, but these guidelines did not include specific control strategies to meet risk management requirements - leaving the decision to choose the best cooling tower maintenance method completely up to you.

When it comes to cleaning cooling towers, there isn’t a great selection of effective equipment on the market - except for Goodway’s complete line of cooling tower maintenance solutions. Before Goodway, common cooling tower cleaning methods that used fire hoses, garden hoses, or pressure washers were 3-day cleaning tasks that couldn’t effectively clean inside of tower fill and required a complete shutdown of the system. While some facility managers still practice these today, new technology has emerged from Goodway that offers new and simpler solutions to efficiently clean towers without shutting down the system and help meet new standards for managing commercial building water systems. Don’t let facility cooling towers get others sick. Improve operating efficiency and cut cleaning time in half by taking the best approach to cooling tower maintenance.


Did You Know?

The cooling tower’s performance is directly linked to HVAC plant chiller efficiency.

Basin-Bound Cleaning: CTV-1501 TowerVac™

Dirty water and sediment settling inside a cooling tower foul the cooling tower and chiller tubes further down the system. If left untreated, it can cause corrosion, reduce efficiency, and disrupt your entire HVAC system. High levels of contaminants blocking heat exchange surfaces also force towers to work harder and consume more energy to complete basic cooling tasks. Goodway has specific tools designed to remove cooling tower bacteria from basins and sumps without having to drain the system completely, so you can quickly restore and recover your system from energy-robbing contaminants. The CTV-1501 TowerVac includes the following features and benefits:

CTV-1501 TowerVac
  • Adjustable flow control to clean at a vacuum recovery rate of up to 60 GPM
  • Paddle tools and other accessories for cleaning under tower fill and pipes
  • Sediment filter for capturing large particles
  • Bulk pickup cleaning tool for accessing tight and hard-to-reach areas

Our CTV-1501 TowerVac was specially designed to lift sediment and debris from water that gets sucked down into the basin, like slime, algae, mud, leaves, pine needles, or other debris typically found in outdoor environments. Back when cooling tower cleaning was done manually, it wasn’t uncommon to dump out thousands of gallons of water and scrub out the basin more than once. TowerVac simplifies cooling tower basin cleaning by including various accessories to help clean every corner of the tower right the first time. And for cleanup? Dispose of wastewater by flushing it down the drain when you’re finished, or use our filtering systems and reuse the water. More on that later.

Did You Know?

Dirty cooling tower water fouls all your waterside surfaces, shortens equipment lifespan and increases energy costs.

Hello, High Filtration: CTV-F2 Filter System

Need to recover water after cleaning? Interested in reducing water usage? Up the ante and combine two of our most effective water managing machines to boost your cooling tower cleaning experience. As our powerful CTV-1501 TowerVac quickly sucks up dirty cooling tower water at a recovery rate of up to 60 GPM, the CTV-F2 filter system filters and then returns clean, reusable water to your tower basin. Together, these machines offer the unique opportunity to reuse cooling tower water instead of dump it out.

CTV F2 Cooling Tower Cleaner
  • High flow capability and impressive clean water discharge rate of up to 50 GPM
  • Twin filter cartridges clean tower water down to 5 microns
  • Special backflushing feature instantly unclogs filters
  • Reusable filters

CTV-F2 Filter System is perfect for regions where water conservation rules are in effect, and all water needs to be reclaimed - or if your location has implemented a water conservation program. This powerful system features superior high flow filtration from two small and reusable 5 micron filters that remove contaminants from dirty cooling tower water and helps improve the performance of your system. In healthy HVAC cooling systems, a clear flowing stream of water is essential to keep them functioning properly. But when scale forms, it can obstruct water passages and even cause filter clogging in your machine when cleaning.


Did You Know?

Filtering or treating recycled cooling tower water with chemicals prevents solid contaminants from reducing their efficiency.

Tough on Legionella, Easy on the Eyes: TFC-200

During the natural cycle of the cooling tower, the combination of elevated temperatures and bacteria makes HVACR cooling tower systems a breeding ground for the growth of Legionella. Naturally, cooling towers are exposed to various contaminants from the air that sticks to tower fill, causing a collection of dirty debris trapped inside of the basin. To stay on top of Legionella and other bacteria formations, Goodway offers top-of-the-line equipment that helps regularly clean and maintain cooling towers to eliminate hiding places for Legionella on contact. Our TFC-200 Cooling Tower Fill Cleaner offers some great features and benefits.

TFC-200 Tower Fill Cleaner
  • Designed for use with ScaleBreak-Gel - use to maximize scale busting performance
  • Also uses TowerShine Foaming Fill Cleaner for biological deposit cleaning
  • Uses BioSpray Tower for disinfection on hard, non-porous surfaces
  • Integrated 3 GPM and 300 PSI of cleaning power helps clean dirt and debris
  • Patented Turbo Nozzle helps blast away the scale and biological matter
  • Equipped with two high-performance pumps

Our TFC-200 Cooling Tower Fill Cleaner completes your cooling tower maintenance package to remove mineral and biological buildup and manage Legionella growth safely. It features an all-in-one system for cleaning limescale and debris from cooling tower fill. It’s easy-to-use and also includes a variety of wand extensions and nozzles to better target hard-to-reach areas. Want to know what a difference it makes from cleaning cooling towers the old way? Just ask John Healy, a Stationary Engineer who has been maintaining HVAC equipment for over 11 years.

The Right Tool For The Job

“We used to use one of those chemical pumpers, but that wasn’t effective at all. We tried using traditional pressure washers, but the water pressure was too strong and it started destroying the fill. But the TFC-200 was different. Its unique nozzles, the reduced pressure; I felt confident knowing that it wouldn’t do any damage. What I love most is that it’s specifically designed to clean right between the fill.”

John and his crew used our ScaleBreak-Gel formula to maximize results. The mineral deposits react instantly, and it turns white as you watch it dissolve. Know what else you can expect to see? Cleaner, better operating cooling tower systems in your facility.

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