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The Goodway resources center offers great information on how using Goodway maintenance products can make your critical systems operate better and more efficiently. It's packed with useful information regarding tips, tricks, how-to's, case studies, customers stories and so much more. And if you have a great story to share about how Goodway products help you get your job done better and your systems operate more efficiently, please share your story with us.

Goodway Case Studies

waste to energy plant

Waste-to-energy plants burn municipal solid waste (garbage or trash), to produce steam in a boiler. That steam is used to power an electric generator turbine. This solid waste is a mixture of paper, plastics, yard waste, and products made from wood. Without waste-to-energy plants, all trash would just end up in landfills.

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Aerospace Manufacturing

Hear from the Head of Maintenance at
Hagsbro Precision

After moving our company into a new facility, we discovered that all the 20 split systems had been neglected for a very long time. The amount of contamination and dirt we encountered in the in- and outdoor units was substantial and our expectations for the Goodway Coilpro CC-400HF Hi Flo Coil Cleaner were met from the very first application on. With Goodway’s coil cleaner, we cleaned HVAC outdoor condenser unit coils and cleaned the removable indoor unit parts like blower wheels, trays, screens etc.

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Milk and Powdered Milk

A global dairy supplier serving the food and nutrition industry with locally produced, high-quality, and specialized dairy ingredients was looking for a solution to vacuum up dry milk powder quickly and efficiently in their Auburn, New York facility.

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Conveyor Belt Cleaning

A bagel producer was looking for ways to pass sesame allergen swabs on their first attempt for 2 spiral conveyor belts. After implementing Goodway's Purebelt technology, their cleaning time was greatly reduced, and they now pass allergen swabs on the first attempt every time.

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Helpful Tips, Tricks, & News

Stamford, Conn. – December 5, 2023—HVAC systems are crucial for maintaining the right temperature and humidity levels in plants and facilities. However, they can become problematic if not properly maintained. Goodway Technologies is sharing best practices for implementing proactive maintenance, which is essential for ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of HVAC systems. Despite time and cost constraints, facility managers can use various tools and products to make routine maintenance quick and easy.

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Stamford, Conn.Goodway Technologies, a global leader in industrial maintenance solutions is giving attendees at the 2024 AHR Expo the chance to enter the AHR Treager Ironwood Pellet Grill Sweepstakes for a chance to win a Traeger pellet grill and accessories as well as see the future of tube cleaning with the new RAM-5 Reverse Stop Assembly.

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Stamford, Conn. – Nov 1, 2023—Goodway Technologies has developed a line of innovative steam accessories bringing additional value to Goodway dry steam solutions. These products harness the power of “dry” superheated steam, with a moisture content of less than 10%, which cleans and sanitises on contact, with little drying time, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of cleaning needs, including sensitive machinery.

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Stamford, Conn. – October 31, 2023Goodway Technologies, a global leader in industrial maintenance and cleaning solutions, announces the promotion of Tim Robb to Executive Vice President of Revenue.

For nearly 15 years, Robb has led Goodway Technologies’ integrated marketing efforts, playing a critical role in its growth, expansion, and new business developments. Under his leadership, Goodway built a robust and highly efficient marketing team, developed new processes for strategic planning and execution, and improved multiple business operations.

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Net zero emission policies across the globe, and more specifically in the USA, have nuclear power plants in the crosshairs of efficiency and safe power generation. According to the Department of Energy (DOE), Nuclear Power currently provides 52% of the nation's 100% clean electricity. However, shifting energy markets, among other economic factors, have already resulted in the early closure of 12 commercial reactors across the United States since 2013.

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