QS-300 Condenser Tube Cleaning Gun QS-300


QS-300 Surface Condenser Cleaning Equipment

The QS-300 is the gun of choice for power plants. Equipped with state-of-the-art features, this unit holds the edge in tube shooting technology. When the touch-activated trigger is squeezed, air and water propel a Tube Scrubber, Coil Tube Brush or other projectile through a tube 5/8"-1 " (15.9-31.8mm) O.D., effortlessly removing deposits. By far the best - the QS-300 will outshoot any other system! The QS-300 uses compressed air and water to shoot Tube Scrubbers, Coil Tube Brushes, as well as other projectiles through a tube. The operator simply inserts a projectile into a tube and shoots. As the projectile is propelled forward, it forces out deposits, leaving the tube thoroughly cleaned.

QS-300 Compressed Air Condenser Tube Cleaning Gun Includes:

  • QS-300 Quick Shot Tube Cleaning Gun
  • Safety shield
  • Hoses
  • Tapered nozzle
  • Carrying case
  • Simple to operate - minimal training required
  • Power assisted trigger - reduces fatigue
  • Automatic pressure relief system - minimizes risk of blow-back
  • Rugged construction - long life
  • Compact - easy handling
  • Simple construction - reliable
  • High pressure - maximum cleaning power
  • Air Requirements: Minimum 70 PSI (4.8 BAR), Maximum 150 PSI (10 BAR)
  • Water Pressure Requirements: Maximum 150 PSI (10 BAR)
  • Hoses: 10' (3m) air hose and 10' (3m) water hose supplied
  • Dimensions: 9" (230mm) long
  • Weight: 3 lbs (1.4 kg)
  • Carrying Case: 14" (370mm) high x 19" (480mm) wide x 5 " (140mm) deep

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