RAM-PRO-XL Chiller Tube Cleaner Featuring TubeGuard Technology


Chiller tube cleaning just keeps getting better. Introducing RAM-PRO-XL® featuring TubeGuard® technology - innovative tablet-based technology that cleans straight and enhanced tubes better than ever and protects them from oxidation and corrosion while the chiller is offline. Without TubeGuard, it takes a very short amount of time for tubes to begin oxidizing, which leads to corrosion and damage to chiller tubes. Not a chance with TubeGuard. It's a total game-changer. Packed with more power than the previous model, this tube cleaning machine boasts of a completely redesigned body, an advanced chain drive system and a patented quick connect shaft connection system that allows for faster shaft and brush changes. A combination of the best rotary tube cleaning mechanics and cutting-edge TubeGuard technology, makes the RAM-PRO-XL one of the most advanced, portable tube cleaners available on the market today.

RAM-PRO-XL featuring TubeGuard Chiller Tube Cleaner includes:

RAM-PRO-XL Chiller Tube Cleaner Starter pack, TubeGuard-XL tablets, roll cage, Quick connect shaft manifold, variable speed shaft rotation and two direction foot switch.

Note: Shaft, brushes, TubeGuard tablets and other accessories sold separately.

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