RAM-PRO Portable Chiller Tube Cleaner


The all new, award winning and powerful RAM-PRO is specifically designed to handle the demanding environment of commercial tube cleaning contracting work like no other chiller tube cleaning system. It boasts a completely redesigned body, updated chain drive system and a patented quick connect shaft connection system that makes short work of brush and shaft changes. It truly is unlike any tube cleaner on the market today. The RAM-PRO is designed to work with high quality Goodway quick connect shafts and brushes to provide the ultimate cleaning of straight tubes, in a large variety of chiller brands and models. The Goodway RAM-PRO uses special Quick Connect Shaft connectors. Please make sure that you order the correct shafts for this model. Shafts are identified by saying "Quick Connect Shaft".

RAM-PRO Portable Chiller Tube Cleaner includes:

RAM-PRO Chiller Tube Cleaner, roll cage, quick connect shaft manifold and two direction foot switch. Note: Shaft, brushes and other accessories sold separately.

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