Air Powered, Heavy Duty Tube Cleaner AWT-100X


AWT-100X Chiller Tube Cleaning Equipment

The AWT-100X Air Powered Tube Cleaner is our most powerful unit. It incorporates the same operating principles as the AWT-100. Equipped with a 4 HP (3 kW) drive motor, this machine has the strength needed to clean virtually any tube/pipe 1/4" (6.4mm) I.D. and up. Flexible shafts and accessories are available for both wet or dry applications. The AWT-100X uses a cleaning tool mounted to the tip of a flexible shaft. For wet applications, the unit feeds water through the casing to the cleaning tool, flushing out deposits as they are loosened. For dry applications, the GTC-DPA Dry Pickup Attachment and a simultaneous vacuum are used to remove loosened deposits. AWT-100X Heavy-Duty Air Powered Cleaner including air lubricator, adjustable speed/torque control, mobile dolly, tool storage box, and foot switch.

AWT-100X Air Powered Tube Cleaner Includes: 

  • AWT-100X Heavy-Duty Air Power Tube Cleaner
  • Air lubricator
  • Adjustable speed/torque control
  • Mobile dolly with tool storage box
  • Foot switch

Note: Shaft, brushes and other accessories sold separately.

  • Air powered - shock resistant
  • Simple to operate - minimal training required
  • Stainless steel construction - long life
  • Air lubricator - extends motor life
  • Speed/torque control - set shaft rotation at optimum speed for each application
  • Interchangeable cleaning tools - versatile
  • Large wheels - easy to move
  • Simultaneous water flush or vacuum - removes deposits
  • Foot switch activation - safe operation
  • Flexible Shaft Speed: Variable, 500-3,000 rpm
  • Motor Power: Up to 4 HP (3 kW) depending upon air pressure and volume
  • Air Requirements: Minimum 60 PSI at 85 CFM (4.1 BAR at 2.38 m3/min), Maximum 100 PSI at 130 CFM (7 BAR at 3.64 m3/min)
  • Dimensions: 37" (940mm) high x 20" (510mm) wide x 17" (430mm) deep
  • Weight: 54 lbs (25 kg) net dry

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Accessories for the AWT-100X