Big Shot Condenser Tube Cleaning Gun


Cleaning high volumes of surface condenser tubes takes a toll on the operator. The BSL-50 includes a variety of ergonomic features to aid in managing fatigue, like an easy-to-attach, padded aluminum shoulder stock that provides added leverage when you need it. This patented system uses high pressure water to fire projectiles down tubes, quickly cleaning dirt and debris. It also includes a separate, patented air pressure assisted trigger, which requires an incredible 90% less effort for firing projectiles - what a difference it makes when you have thousands of tubes to clean! There's no bulky pressure gauge on the BSL-50. The simple cleared-tube indicator reliably shows when the projectile has exited the tube. But don't let all this comfort fool you, with a flow rate of up to 50 GPM, the BSL-50 Big Shot cleans tubes faster than ever. Use with the BFP-3510 or other tube shooting machines.

Note: BSL-50 uses only water pressure to fire projectiles. Air only used for trigger assistance.

BSL-50 Big Shot Condenser Tube Cleaning Gun includes:

BSL-50 tube cleaner gun, quick connect fittings and case.

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