Tube Leak Detector Kit LD-2X2


LD-2X2 HVAC Inspection Equipment

Periodic checks for leaks in heat exchanger, chiller and condenser tubes is essential to maintain peak performance. The LD-2X2 is the quick, simple and accurate tool for tube leak detection. To operate, insert one detector into each end of the tube to be checked. Pull and hold trigger of one or both guns until the air pressure gauge on the back of the detector stabilizes. Release trigger and observe the air pressure gauge. If the pressure holds, the tube is fine. If the pressure drops, a leak is indicated. Use with seal kits for tubes up to 1" O.D.

LD-2X2 Tube Leak Detection Kit Includes:

  • Two pneumatic guns
  • Carrying case
  • Visible pressure gauges - convenient
  • Rugged construction - long life
  • Multiple seal sizes - versatile
  • Quick disconnect fittings - no tools required
  • Compact - easy handling

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Accessories for the LD-2X2