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Diagnosing performance issues is nothing short of eye-opening with Goodway's flexible VS-B Video Scopes. When your system is under-performing and your experience tells you that it could be any one of a number of possibilities, our Video Scopes put you inside, so you can determine the cause of the problem with 100% confidence. All of our units feature bright screens and LEDs for clear viewing and take crisp images for review - they also take audio notes! Models are available with either 10' or 30' probes.  Imagine never wasting valuable time making costly repairs to problems that don't exist. With the Video Scopes, you'll literally never look at HVAC maintenance the same way again!

VS-B Series Industrial Flexible Video Scope includes:

Industrial Video Scope, flexible probe with a 720x640 pixels CMOS image sensor, 53° field of view and 6 LED lights, 90° right angle mirror adapter, monitor with mini USB 1.1 port, SD card, cables, carrying case. 10' (3.04m) or 30' (9.1m) flexible probe options available.

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  • Features/Specs
    • Simple to operate - minimal training required
    • Small and flexible - easy to operate
    • Less than 7/16" diameter camera head and probe
    • NOT FIBER OPTIC - perfect for small tubes and pipes
    • 307,200 pixels CMOS image sensor and 3.5" color monitor - sharp, detailed viewing
    • Audio recording - Record notes for later playback
    • 6 high intensity LED's - bright illumination
    • Flexible image probe - snakes through bends and around corners
    • 53° field of view - wide viewing angle
    • 90° right angle mirror adapter - side viewing
    • Waterproof shock resistant probe and optics - built for industrial use
    • Compact flash/SD memory card - immediate image capture and storage
    • Transfer via mini USB 1.1 - fast transfer to PC
    • Illumination: 6 LED's
    • Focal Length: 20mm - 70mm
    • Viewing Angle: 53°
    • Viewing Direction: Standard 0° or 90°
    • Minimum Radius: 2"
    • Image Transfer: RCA Cable
    • Resolution: 307,200px
    • Image Format: JPEG, 720x640 (Still), MPG (Video)
    • Operating Temperature: 0 - 122F
    • Dimensions: Probe: 10' or 30' X less than 2/5" diameter (10'/30' cables available)
    • Screen: 3.5" diagonal
    • Weight: 2lbs (10'), 6lbs (30')
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