Industrial Dry Vapor Belt Cleaning Systems


When it comes to making sure food production lines are clean, conveyor belt cleaning is critical. Goodway offers a selection of the most innovative and advanced dry steam conveyor belt cleaning systems on the market. Each of our systems is offered in a variety of configurations to match your exact need - and your correct belt types.

  • Brushless systems:  Designed for flat belt systems and available in portable or fixed models.
  • Jet systems: Designed for mesh type belt cleaning and portable for ease of use.

If you need to clean for allergen removal, mold issues, glaze and oil oversprays, bacteria, fats, grime and soils, our selections of industrial dry steam vapor belt cleaning systems are the answer. Goodway dry steam vapor belt cleaners deliver labor savings, decreased sanitation and maintenance time, increased production time, faster changeovers, increased belt lifespan and reliability, and overall improved hygiene and quality.

Heavy Duty Dry Vapor Steam Belt Cleaners Help Your Plant Meet FSMA Guidelines.

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  • Features/Specs
    • Stainless steel construction - Long life
    • Customizable design - Fits any application
    • Brushless options for flat belt cleaning in fixed or portable variations and offer an integrated vacuum.
    • Portable jet systems for mesh, wire and other like Intralox brand belts.
    • Continuous options available
    • Fixed and portable versions
    • Integrated vacuum options available
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