Specialty & Purpose Built Vacuums

Specialized industrial vacuum systems for critical and unique cleaning applications including clean room vacuums, pump out vacuums, air powered systems, soot vacuums and so much more.

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Pump-Out Industrial/Commercial Vacuum

Industrial Vacuum, Pump-Out Vacuum for Flood Water Recovery, 115V, 11 Gallon Capacity PLUS Internal Pump
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Industrial Vacuum, Dry, Air Powered, HEPA

Industrial Vacuum, Air-Powered HEPA Vacuum, 99.99% efficient @ 0.3 micron, 9 Gallon Capacity
Goodway EV-80-D Industrial Vacuum for fine powders with powered shaker
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Industrial Vacuum, Dry, w/Power Filter Shaker

Industrial Vacuum, Surface Prep Fine Dust Vacuum, 115V & 230V, Push Button Filter Shaker, 1-micron Filter, 17 Gallon Capacity
Goodway VAC-CRV ULPA filtration Clean Room Vacuum
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Industrial Vacuum, Dry, Clean Room w/ULPA filtration

Industrial Vacuum, Cleanroom ULPA filtered Vacuum, 99.999% efficient @ 0.12 micron, 115V & 230V, Dry Only, 5 Gallon Capacity
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Industrial Vacuum, Soot/Powder Recovery, Boiler Cleaning

Industrial Vacuum, Soot Recovery, High Air Flow Vacuum, Electric 110V/230V, Tangential Intake, Dry Only, Multiple Tank Sizes Available
SootVac-JR Soot and boiler room industrial vacuum
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Industrial Vacuum, Soot/Powder Recovery, Gas Fired Boiler Cleaning

Industrial Vacuums, Gas Fired Boiler Soot/Boiler Vacuum, Electric 110V/230V, Dry Only, Includes Accessories.