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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Goodway offers a wide range of quality commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners to meet professional maintenance needs. Our industrial vacuum cleaners are constructed with materials such as heavy gauge steel, stainless steel and aluminum to promote high performance, long life and reliability. Goodway's full line of industrial and commercial vacuum systems includes HEPA vacuums, industrial machine shop/CNC chip vacuums, backpack vacuums, industrial soot vacuums, coal dust vacuums, explosion proof vacuums, industrial Air Powered Vacuums and Custom industrial vacuums. To learn more about Goodway industrial vacuums browse our product categories below.


The air-powered AV-1200 Wet-Dry Industrial Vacuum is a proven workhorse that can gulp up to 45 gallons of water per minute. This unit is ideal for powerful recovery of a large variety of dry and wet debris, including assorted powders and metal chips.

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The BPV-100 Backpack Vacuum offers superior mobility in a comfortable, easy to carry package. It is ideal for cleaning congested areas, stairs, aisles, seats, shelving and other applications where using upright or canister vacuums would be cumbersome. Electric 110V & 230V. Dry pickup only.

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The BPV-100-H Backpack HEPA Vacuum offers superior filtration in a compact package. It is easy to carry and ideal for critical cleaning in areas where using a large HEPA vacuum would be difficult. Electric 110V & 230V, Dry Only, 2.5 Gallon Capacity

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Ideal for the dry food processing industry, our stainless steel DV-3-SSH Food Processing Vacuum features three heavy-duty motors that deliver an airflow of 286 CFM and 81" of static water lift. This grounded, rugged vacuum is available with a variety of accessories.


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The unique DV-AH Air Powered Dry HEPA Vacuum combines a powerful venturi with an ultra-efficient HEPA filter, for extreme fine particle recovery applications. System extends the life of the HEPA vacuum filter - 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns.

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