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Equipped with a 28" (710mm) front mounted floor attachment, the DV-RV-2 Dry Roll-Vac Vacuum makes cleaning large warehouse and production areas fast and easy. The unit produces a static water lift of 90" (2.2m) and an air displacement of 224 CFM (6.3 m3/min). It is equipped with a pocket filter, which traps particles down to 3 microns, an external filter shaker to keep the filters clear and a detachable collection tank that can wheel out from under the vacuum, without having to remove the industrial vacuum head, or filter. The floor attachment can easily be removed to convert the unit into a multi-purpose industrial vacuum with conventional hoses and accessories. HEPA option available for even better cleaning results.

DV-RV-2 Heavy Duty Roll-Vac Industrial Vacuum includes:

A DV-RV-2 Vacuum, 28" front mounted floor attachment, filter, external filter shaker, 14 gallon detachable tank with handles, casters and a tool basket.

Note: Product does not include accessories. Order DA-KIT or individual accessories (2").

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  • Features/Specs
    • 28" (710mm) front mounted floor tool - fast and easy cleaning of large areas
    • Two heavy-duty industrial vacuum motors - strong suction
    • Detachable roll-out collection tank - easy dumping
    • External filter shaker - keeps filter clear
    • Reusable pocket filter - saves money
    • Filter system traps particles down to 3 microns - superior filtration
    • Tool basket - easy storage of accessories
    • 1-1/2", 2" or 3" (38mm, 51mm or 76mm) hoses - versatile
    • Motor Power: 2.7 HP (2 kW) By Pass Motor
    • Input Power: 15 Amps, 115 V, 50/60 Hz AC
    • Power Supply Cord: 30' (9.15m), 14-3
    • Static Water Lift: 90" (2.2m)
    • Air Displacement: 224 CFM (6.3 m3/min)
    • Dimensions: 20.5" (520.7mm) diameter tank, 49" (1.2m) high overall
    • Weight: 140 lbs (64 kg)
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