Industrial Vacuum, Dry, Extra Heavy Duty, Continuous Duty


We set out to design a powerful, continuous duty, high-capacity vacuum, like our popular DV-CD unit, that would save space and could be moved around the shop floor easily. The result is our highly versatile DV-Z75 Continuous Duty Vacuum. Gone is the square back motor housing - it's replaced by a top-mounted configuration that saves space and makes it easier to relocate. An external filter shaker maintains consistent suction power. The same user-friendly detachable, rollout tank found on the DV-CD simplifies unloading. High filtration and quiet operation, make it perfect for recovering plastic dust, PVC powder, resins, and metal shavings in manufacturing areas, including automated production facilities.

DV-Z75 Industrial Dry Continuous Duty Vacuum includes:

DV-Z75 Industrial Dry Continuous Duty Vacuum filter, external filter shaker, 20-gallon detachable tank with handles and casters.

NOTE: Product does not include accessories. Order individual accessories for proper functionality.

NOTE: DA-CAGE-B required for wet pickup

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  • Features/Specs
    • Heavy-duty brushless blower motor - continuous operation
    • Detachable roll-out collection tank - easy dumping
    • External filter shaker - keeps filter clear
    • Reusable pocket filter - economical
    • Pressure relief valve - advanced safety features
    • Caster brake - keeps machine stationary
    • Tool basket
    • Uses 1-1/2", 2" or 3" hoses.
    • Motor Power: 4.5 HP By-Pass Motor
    • Input Power: 7 Amps, 460 V, 50/60 Hz AC, three phase (Other options available)
    • Power Supply Cord: 30', 14-4
    • Static Water Lift: 100"
    • Air Displacement: 235 CFM
    • Dimensions: 20-1/2"┬ádiameter tank, 60" high overall
    • Weight: 275 lbs
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