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Metal Chip Industrial Vacuums

If your business is producing metals chips, then you need a specialized vacuum for their recovery, especially if coolant and cutting oils are present. Regular industrial vacuums simply aren't designed for sharp, and jagged metal chips. they get stuck, they cut hoses and they burn out vacuums. Goodway metal chip industrial vacuums are specifically designed for the job, with heavy-duty components, smooth bore hoses and other advanced features. Not only are metal chip vacuum great for recovering valuable materials, but can also filter coolant for reuse. 


The AV-1200 Wet-Dry Industrial Vacuum is a proven workhorse that can gulp up to 45 gallons of water per minute. This unit is air-powered and ideal for powerful recovery of a large variety of dry and wet debris, including assorted powders and metal chips.

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The DV-CNC3 Chip & Coolant Recovery Vacuum offers powerful suction and a chip basket to separate out chips as small as .05" from coolant. System also includes a transfer pump to return filtered coolant back to the machine tool, or into the collection drums.

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Do you have a heavy-duty mess that other vacuums aren't qualified to handle? Goodway's three-motor VAC-3A Standard Duty Industrial Vacuum is up to the challenge. This dynamic, three motor machine generates 66" of static water lift, while moving 245 CFM of air.

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